Myths about Self Made Millionaires roaming in society since the beginning of civilization

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Whenever we think about Self Made Millionaires, A man in Tuxedo with Rolls-Royce came into our mind. But if a normal person would know the struggle and sacrifices behind that millionaire, Then they might get disappointed and lack of interest to become a millionaire.

Only because the myths behind becoming millionaires are too much, that can make an average person get to fantasize about money, But never look behind the stage of struggles.

Today we will talk about that kind of myths which are spread about millionaires.

1. You have to be crook minded being a self made millionaire-

I don’t know why this miss conception spread in society, But I think It is only a result of people’s jealousy or lousiness. Everyone wants to be wealthy but no one knows the pathway to success, & if someone gets that path and gets the success then instead of having respect and gratitude, we start thinking they get some kind of short way or crook tricks to achieve that.

In his book the power of subconscious mind, Joseph Murphy said-

If you want to be rich, then don’t criticize or jealous of them, This would only dispel you from your dream to be rich.

Joseph Murphy

This only happens because we hear someone who couldn’t get that thing right, so he suggests you, that it can’t be done and who succeeded is a crook.

Don’t listen to those people, who can’t do anything and keep blaming others for their failures.

2. Millionaires are Lucky-

This is the most hilarious things I heard about millionaires.

I read somewhere

I was learning when you were asleep, I was working hard when you were touring, I was depressed when you were partying, I was searching for new ways when you accepted the rat race.
& Now you are saying I am Lucky…


I am not saying luck is not a factor, Because millionaires do have kids too. But self made millionaires (which are 88% of them).

Never say they got lucky. Understand the struggle and pain behind that success. Understand the path they chose, what they have gone through.

3. Millionaires have Wealth without even working-

This myth is looking true to us, because when we see entrepreneurs or millionaires on social media or TV, They always seem partying or roaming the world.

So this creates the illusion of their not working.

In his famous book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, Robert Kiyosaki said-

Rich never work for money, Money works for them.

Robert Kiyosaki

Millionaires work, But they never work for money. Instead, they work on their self-improvements, their health, New ideas, etc.

4. All Millionaire inherited wealth-

Only a few percentages of millionaires, who got their wealth in legacy, otherwise most millionaires are self made.

We think all of them are got their money from their ancestors. But the case is that, they are most literate about the money.

Robert Kiyosaki says-

If you want to be wealthy then be a MONEY LITERATE.

& they all are well versed with money, which hasn’t taught in school or colleges.

5. self made Millionaires studied from high-level colleges-

This is the excuse all the time many people says when someone ask them, why they didn’t execute their plans?

They think millionaires studied from a high level colleges and if they are not studied from big colleges then they can not do the things properly.

Listen –

Schools and colleges are teaching us, How to be a better slave.


Do you know the most high level college in the unverse?

that is your mind curiosity and passion. If you have those three things then your most high level college is in you.

& yes! every millionaire went to that college.

6. Millionaires take stupid risks-

We all are hearing in motivational speaker’s speech or read in quotes that you have to take risks to be successful & because of this miss conceptions we assume that millionaire took big risks from starting which make them what they are today and at last we don’t even try to take risk as we get demotivated at last.

But let me clear something here all millionaire take risks but they had started from just like you, yes somethings they did extra and that was to research what they are risking and what it will cost them.

They do research and analyze, after that they take risks. Now they have a team to do so. But as I said in the beginning they do that by themselves and that makes them a perfect leader.

7. Self made millionaires love money-

This myth is so confusing, Even I was confused with this myth. I used to think millionaires are behind money all the time, they can do anything for the money, but I was wrong about this until I read Rich dad poor dad, In this book author talks about money. He said if you have fear of not having money or losing money then you are not wealthy, yes you are rich but if you can’t enjoy it then the money is just paper rotting in your bank accounts.

Then I realise-

Money is important but that is not the goal, your goal is financial freedom


& every self made millionaire knows that.

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