How I Search on Google and Find What I want : Advanced Search Hacks

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About 4 million searches happens per minute on Google. But only few percent people know How to search on Google properly.
Many times I search on google what no one ever found. And get what I want to download or see. And for bonus I will tell you a secret website from where you can download.
So Today I will Tell you How I search on google and Get What I want

1. filetype:

Do you love to read books who want to download PDF of a book or you are a student who want a research doc file and if you search on google for that book or document name then google suggests you to buy or showing you reviews of that thing
Then No more
Just type your book name and then write filetype:PDF on google search
Now google will only show you PDF results on the web for that particular book name You can do that for any file type. No matter if it is image file doc file or XML file.
For example – rich dad poor dad filetype:PDF or
Airline case study filetype:PPT

2. Power of ‘+’ & ‘-‘

We search on google and in the results we see that multiple things we didn’t as for show on there or what we want is not there at all

For example-: you search for how to manage money and you want it to be for students SO search for
how to manage money +students
It will only show the results in which students will be included.

Same if you want to search for something and don’t want to include something then use ‘-‘
For example-: you search for origin of interesting books and you found many Amazon books buy results SO simply search for
Interesting books -buy
It will exclude all buy results.

3. Use of ” “

Yes if you are searching for any phrase like a solution of your numerical or a paragraph then use quotes ” “and google will only show you few results only related to that topic
For example “You have to dream before your dreams come true”
and you will only find that results what you specifically searched for.

4. Use of *

Multiple times we forget some songs and remember something. You can search on google this way too
For example-: you forgot a song name but some words (bring back you) still you remember then search for bring back * bring back
and you’ll see song Memories by Maroon 5 will show up in results

5. Use of site:sitename

You are searching for an article and you want it to be from a particular website then you can command google to do so
Example- coronavirus
Now you’ll only see articles about coronavirus are from HuffPost site.

6. Finding similar websites

We like some websites and want to use the same website as them. You can do it that by simply type related:sitename and search and you’ll find similar websites according to sitename you provided
For Example search for

7. Search by Image

Admit it, Google Image search is not that accurate But you can search by going to google images and click on camera button, Now either paste image URL or upload an image and click search.

8. Word definition and it’s History

You can search for word definition by searching define:WORD
For example define:aye
This works for any word, slang word etc.

If you wanna know where the word comes from you can search for
For example


As I promised Will tell you 3 secret websites to download anything

So Here they are

katmoviehd -:

This one of the best website to download any kind of movies and tv shows. We are not supporting piracy But this kind of sites are still running and peoples use them.
Note-: They frequently change their domain name. Tell us if you can’t access the website.

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