What is a Blog? – What is Blogging, and Who is a Blogger? How they actually Make Money?

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What is a blog blogging blogger

Are you confused with Blog’s term, and when you see millionaire bloggers, You always think, How one can make a pile of money by only typing on a laptop. Then you end up on very intuitive and full of the informational article on the Blog and blogging.

Hello, guys. I am Deepesh, an Entrepreneur, a professional Digital Marketer, and Blogger. Today I will clear all your doubts about Blog and Blogging, and most importantly, I will tell you How Bloggers actually make money?

If you go inside any business, you will realize money is not in product making or service making; rather, it is all about providing value. If you make all kinds of products and services and do not even sell or market it, you can’t make any money.

The same happens in Blogging when you blog about something then think about providing value to others (If you want to make money with blogging or any business field).

I want to remove your misconception about money-making from blogging. That is not about How pretty your content is, but How helpful and value-adding that is; after that, you can make it pretty while marketing. Only after that, you can make money from blogging, and that’s how professionals do that.

But first question is

What is a Blog?

According to wikipedia

blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (posts).

But is it understandable?

Let me break it into easy form for you-

Blog is made of 2 words


A blog is an online journal or an informational (instructive) written content on a website.

Actually, you are reading an article on a blog that is part of a blog and on a website named criticeye.

Types of Blog-

There are many kinds of blogs are there but usually, there are 5 types of the blog most prominent

  • Personal
  • Business
  • Niche
  • News
  • Crash-test dummy blogs

In All of them the Niche Blogs are most earning blogs.

Blog Structure-

blog structure

The appearance of blogs changed over time but the most common structure of a blog contain-

  • Header: with menu, your Logo, and navigation.
  • Main content: Blog posts and latest highlights.
  • Sidebar: Search Bar, Recent content & call to action.
  • Footer: Social media, About us, Contact us, privacy policy, and Disclaimer pages.

The above example is the basic structure. By the way, it changes according to the preference of the blogger and his or her blogging style.

Blogs Vs. Website-

Most people eventually confused with the term blog and website. At the beginning of my blogging career, I was also confused with this term, But after some time, I figured out the difference between them.

To understand it properly let’s take an example-

Alex bought a shop in midtown new jersey, he started a bakery in it, but after some time, he started a clothes shop there.

Now In example

Midtown New Jersey is his website Address

Shop is his Website and what services he provides in his shop is value he providing to his customer.

Same happens with Blog and Website.

In any website, website owner can make it any kind of website Like

Amazon- A Ecommerce website,

Facebook- A social media Website or

Create & Go – A Blog website.

So in conclusion we can say that-

There are many types of websites, and a blog is a type of website.

What is Blogging?

Term Blog was coined by Peter Merholz, who jokingly broke the word weblog into the phrase we blog in the sidebar of his blog in April or May 1999.

After that many blogs were born.

According to, Blogging means “to maintain or add new entries to a blog.”

But what does it mean in real world?

Blogging is sharing your knowledge, experience, passion, or emotion with your writing skills and posting it on a Blog Website.

Why Blogging is Popular?

Blogging became popular after the year 2000 when it became a modern source of information.

With blogging, News websites can easily share their news and outreach opinions in a short period of time.

However, Businesses finds out with blogging, they can easily understand their customer’s needs and pain points.

& personal and niche bloggers saw that they could easily reach interested people in specific niches or topics. People can easily interact with them via comments and other social media handles. It helps personal and niche bloggers to understand their followers, and they can monetize their blog by affiliation, selling products, or services.

Who is a Blogger?

Blogging became mainstream and a career for many people, most of them earning six figures in months. That’s why blogging is so popular nowadays, and people are choosing blogging as their career.

So who are Bloggers?

Bloggers are people who own a blog website and share their thoughts, life experience, and knowledge according to their field of specialties.

Their specialty could be food, travel, online marketing, knowledge of space, or a skill.

How Bloggers make Money?

So the biggest and most important question is How a blogger make a ton of money?

As we discussed to make money you have to provide value to people otherwise no matter how big or populer you are you can’t make a dollar.

This is the foundation of any business you do. The more value you provide, the more money you would make.

Same principle applies in blogging,

First, a blogger makes a website; then, he makes many attractive articles (content) according to their niche and knowledge to reach out to his niche potential public (called Traffic) with social media and SEO.

When he makes proper traffic to his website, he can monetize his Blog website with AdSense by showing ads on their website, selling services and products, or affiliating a product or service to his potential customers.

What kind of blog should you start?

When we want to start something, then our main problem is overthinking. So don’t overthink it. You must know How to start Blogging? But before that, you have to know your interest And or what you are passionate about. Don’t worry if you don’t know what you are passionate about Because passions can be created.

Most bloggers would say, “search for your passion or what field you are interested in.” yes, it is important as it makes you work for it, But if your goal is to make money, then search for passion and make money from it can take much more time.

& if you want to make money, then this formula is not for you. Because you can pursue your dreams and passion after making money, & when you make six figures per month with blogging, it won’t matter to you which niche you are in.

So the most money making Blogging niches are-

  1. Health & fitness.
  2. Personal Finance.
  3. Fashion.
  4. Lifestyle.
  5. Business & marketing.
  6. Technology & Gaming.
  7. Travel.

But a little passion and interest is needed to keep you working on one of the above niche. So take this quiz and check out, which niche is your favorite out of seven of them.

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