How to make money with Clickbank? Pros. and Cons.

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clickbank 2 ways to earn on clickbank

Clickbank is an excellent opportunity to earn money online. At present, 6 million people are signed up with Clickbank and making a lot of money. The average daily sales are 30000. In this case, users can earn money through two methods: making their product and selling it through Clickbank. If you’re not keen to develop an original creation of your own, you could sell existing products on the click bank and pay the heavy commission range from 50 to 75 percent. The percentage is higher due to the fact that these are digital products, and they also have no distribution costs. ClickBank has been in business for the past 15 years, and it has its program known as “ClickBank University.”

Two ways, you can use to do dealings with ClickBank:

What is ClickBank?

How to make money with Clickbank

A network of affiliates is Clickbank.

It’s the second most popular affiliate network worldwide, based on our affiliate marketing statistics page.

In contrast to conventional affiliate networks, Clickbank acts as a marketplace where affiliates and product creators may transact business and earn money together without the need for complicated contracts or paperwork.

How does Clickbank work?

Put otherwise, Clickbank acts as a mediator between individuals who produce digital goods—such as ebooks, videos, music, and so forth—and affiliate marketers, who can sell those goods.

Of course, Clickbank serves one of two purposes, based on which side of the marketplace you are on:

A product marketplace for affiliates: (How to make money with Clickbank Pros. and Cons.)

How to make money with Clickbank

You may start generating money as an affiliate marketer right away by creating your affiliate links for thousands of items (more on that later) and driving traffic. Also, you will be able to view your earnings instantly.

There is no eligibility requirement and joining is free. No cap or intricate measurements. It is essentially an abridged affiliate network that is available to anyone wishing to try it out.

To give it a try, just visit their homepage and register.

An e-commerce platform for information product owners:

How to make money with Clickbank

Product owners can upload their products to the database, and ClickBank will handle the entire checkout and e-commerce process for them in addition to providing an affiliate program.

The one-time activation cost of $49.95 will be billed to you when you sign up as a Clickbank vendor. This charge, in my opinion, effectively prevents certain inferior vendors from using the platform.

This is fantastic if you want to avoid dealing with the technical aspects of things, but be aware that the platform will deduct a sizable amount from your sales ($1 + 7.5% of the total).


1. Selling your own product:

Firstly, you have to sign up on Clickbank, then you can list your product on that site. Secondly, you have to set the commission rate that you are able to pay to the user who promotes your product. Your product will promote on the sites of ClickBank’s websites.

2. Selling another’s product with Click Bank:

Sign up for your account and become an affiliate of ClickBank. Once you sign up, you will be able to see the products, which are available to sell. This site has ten thousand products, available to sell, and approximately 30,000 products will be sold each day. You can see the Commission percentage then you can decide what product you want to promote. You have to be very careful when you choose a product to promote.

The question always lurks in the minds, of whether our dealings would be safe or not. For that, let’s have a look at all its pros and cons:

Pros of ClickBank: 

  • This website pays 50 to 75%  of the commission to the promoter.
  • You can sell your product almost in all countries.
  • This site gives more and more offers from income.
  • You can easily start selling your product.

Cons of ClickBank:-

  • Very high rates of the products.
  • Difficult to tell about the investment policy.
  • Very High Competition for each Product.
  • Shitty products and pages are available on the site.
  • You need the proper knowledge, research, and effort.
  • Sometimes marketers, don’t take seriously the quality of the product, in order to make money they list any crap.

The most important thing you must know is, how we can do dealings on Click Point:

How to use Clickbank: –

  • To use, ClickBank the initial step is proper knowledge about it if you know about the proper selection of goods, and how to promote you will earn more.
  • You need to know the creation of profitable advertisements.
  • Boost users to purchase your product.
  • Learn how to promote your product on Social media like Facebook without spending money.
  • Make new concepts and strategies that you can attract users.
  • There are different categories like food, cooking, education, electric products, games, arts, entertainment, sports, and so on, Before promoting these products you have to become an affiliate of Clickbank

It is a very good site to make online money but when we have proper knowledge about the site. Experience matters a lot, full efforts are needed. To earn money, we have to take care of the categories, and the way of promotion.

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What drawbacks does ClickBank have?

  • Cons: Sellers and marketers may have to pay fees.
  • Penalties: You may incur penalties if your account is inactive or if you don’t make any sales.
  • Refund risk: There’s a chance that a consumer will return the item for a refund because ClickBank offers a money-back promise.

Is it possible to earn money with ClickBank?

High Affiliate Commissions: Compared to other digital marketing networks, ClickBank offers some of the highest affiliate commissions. For some products, you might receive a commission of up to 75%. Additionally, sellers have a strong incentive to offer high commissions due to fierce competition. There are a plethora of product categories available as well.

Does Pakistan have access to ClickBank?

Overall, for Pakistani beginners wishing to use affiliate marketing to generate passive income, the ClickBank Associate program is a great option. It’s a program worth taking into consideration because of its extensive product selection, competitive commission rates, user-friendly website, and dependable tracking system.

Do you receive money from ClickBank for clicks?

On average, ClickBank pays anything from $1 to $5 for each click, depending on the product you are marketing. If the product you are marketing has a commission rate of 75%, you might potentially make up to $3.50 for each click, as the average commission rate for ClickBank goods is between 50 and 75%.

Is ClickBank a reliable source?

The company has received over 2,300 ratings on Trustpilot, with a 4.5-star rating, indicating that customers clearly like what they do. More than 4,000 products are listed in the ClickBank marketplace, proving that vendors also adore it. It’s impossible to argue that ClickBank is a “scam network” when you look at those stats.

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