Top 17 Tools for Pinterest Marketing in 2021

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If you have been using Pinterest for a while and want to learn more tools that will help you with your marketing efforts, this blog post is for you. We are going to share our top 10 tools. These tools can be used by marketers of any experience level and all offer different features. You’ll find tools that work well for beginners, as well as those which are perfect if you already know what you’re doing!


The first tool on the list is Tailwind. This tool lets users schedule pins in advance so they don’t have to worry about their pins not being seen because they forgot to pin at the right time – or even worse, forgetting to pin at all!


The second tool is Canva. This tool lets you create and design for any platform, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram. You can use the many templates they offer that fit your needs in a variety of ways – whether it be publishing graphics on social media platforms or designing print ads!



the third tool on our list is Buffertap. This tool lets you schedule posts to be published in advance and at exact times so your followers are always up-to-date with what’s going on!

4:IFTTT Image Optimizer by PicMonkey-

The fourth tool on our list is IFTTT Image Optimizer by PicMonkey. This tool lets you create beautiful designs in minutes and make them shareable on social media!

You can use these tools to schedule posts at specific times so your followers are there to Boost your Engagement.


It is the sixth tool on our list. You can use this tool to design anything you want for your social media channels and then automatically schedule it!


Pinflux is a tool that provides analytics and tools for managing Pinterest. One of its features is to create templates for boards, pin descriptions, categories, and tags. It also offers tools in the form of “Pintools” which are downloadable software tools created by experts in various fields: SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, etc.


The eighth tool on the list is Serpstat. This tool helps you track rankings and keyword positions for SEO purposes, as well as analyze your competitors’ search engine optimization activities!


The last tool on our list is BoardBooster. This tool helps you to create boards that will grow exponentially using the power of Pinterest!

Pinterest Widgets-

Pinterest Widgets tools help you create and schedule interactive content for your Pinterest account.

9:Pinterest Analytics-

The tool on our list is Pinterest Analytics. You can use these tools to create and schedule interactive content for your account!

10:Google Analytics-

The tool on our list is Google Analytics. You can use these tools to manage and analyze your activity data from all over the internet! That will help you to identify the growth of your Blog.


11: ViralTag:

Top 17 Tools for Pinterest Marketing in 2021

ViralTag allows you to schedule photographs to be posted on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media sites, or you can browse through a pre-selected collection of images. Cost: Three social media profiles are free. Subscription plans begin at $24 a month.


Top 17 Tools for Pinterest Marketing in 2021

ViralWoot, formerly known as Pinwoot (and unrelated to ViralTag, which was previously discussed), provides several intriguing Pinterest features, including follower growth tools, scheduling using bookmarklets, pin alerts, and even some advertising. Pricing: $12 per month and up after a free beginning plan.


Top 17 Tools for Pinterest Marketing in 2021

For people who frequently post content on Facebook and Pinterest, here’s a neat time-saver: Pinvolve creates Pins from your Facebook images, which are then displayed on your Facebook page. As easy as that. The free version allows you to move around a little manually, while the Pro version does everything automatically. Cost: Free, or $9 per month for Pro plans


Top 17 Tools for Pinterest Marketing in 2021

On Pinterest, look for group boards that you can join and participate in. With PinGroupie, you can easily view boards with the largest following, the most pins, or the most likes by sorting them according to popularity.

Cost: Nothing


Top 17 Tools for Pinterest Marketing in 2021

Get notified by email each time someone pins something from your website or one of your rivals.

Cost: Nothing


Top 17 Tools for Pinterest Marketing in 2021

You may scan the barcode of any product with the LoveList iOS app to make a Pin that you can post on Pinterest. Here are a few creative applications: make a wish list for your children or your friends, or pin every item in your product range.

Update: It looks like LoveList is no longer in business.

Loop88, 9.

17: Loop88:

Top 17 Tools for Pinterest Marketing in 2021

With the help of this Pinterest tool, advertisers and brands looking to promote their products on the social media platform can reach out to Pinterest influencers—people with a large following and active audiences. As a result of an influencer sharing your Pin with their audience, you get more visibility, repins, and followers.

Pricing: Get a price by contacting


What are the best and most free Pinterest tools for 2024?

The top free Pinterest tools for 2024 include the following:

Tailwind Loop88 Buffer Auto Post Tailwind Virtualtag

Is Pinterest a good marketing tool?

Pinterest is an excellent tool for marketing, particularly for increasing brand recognition. Finding new brands on Pinterest is something that 75% of its users are eager to do. Using the platform, brands with excellent visual content may increase both their visibility and sales.

What is a scheduling tool for Pinterest?

Tailwind is one of the Pinterest scheduling apps that allows you to schedule pins to appear at the same frequency as the subjects and boards you follow. Additionally, some of these applications offer in-depth analytics.

What are the best Pinterest analytics tools?

Among the top Pinterest analytics tools are:

Tailwind PinPinterest Analytics PinGroupie PinPinterest

What is the best Pinterest automation tool?

Viraltag is a powerful tool for Pinterest automation. Pin scheduling and Pin analytics are two uses for it. It can be used to post to several boards and multiple Pins. Its app extension allows you to Pin straight from your mobile devices.


Tools we mentioned:

Tailwind- A social media scheduler

Canva- Designing Tools

BufferTapp- Social Media Scheduling Tool

IFTTT Image Optimizer by PicMonkey- Interactive Design Tool

Gramblr- Social Media Board Creator and Scheduler

Pinterest Widgets tools- Create interactive content for your account.

Serpstat- Track rankings and keyword positions for SEO purposes, as well as analyze your competitors’ search engine optimization activities.

BoardBooster- Create boards that will grow exponentially.

Pinterest Analytics tools- Create and schedule interactive content for your Pinterest account.

Google Analytics– To Track Traffic and Knowing Your Audience.

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