Top 13 Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers

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The digital marketing industry is booming and digital marketers are in high demand. That makes it difficult for digital marketers to find the right tools that will help them do their job effectively. We have compiled a list of Top 10 Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers, so you can get back to doing what you love: MARKETING!


Ahrefs is one of the best digital marketing tools that any digital marketer should have. Ahrefs is a tool that crawls through your competitors’ backlinks and finds where their links are coming from, which helps digital marketers understand what works for other people in their industry.

Ahrefs is a very powerful tool for SEO digital marketers.

Price of Ahrefs is: $99/month (Starting)


Buzzsumo is a digital marketing tool that can be used to find content that has been shared the most on social media, which is helpful for digital marketers who want to know what type of content resonates with their audience. Buzzsumo also allows digital marketers to see what articles are going viral and why so digital marketers can create a similar piece of content.

Price of Buzzsumo is: $99/month (Starting)

3:Buffer Social Media Scheduling Tool-

Buffer makes digital marketing easy by allowing digital marketers to post on social media at the right time, which will increase their digital presence and engagement with followers. It also allows digital marketers to schedule social media posts in advance.

Price of Buffer is: $5/month (Trial)

4:Moz Local-

Moz Local helps digital marketers find local business listings and rank them so they can generate more traffic to their site, which will help digital marketers expand into new markets. This tool also allows digital marketers to determine where the competition is located, which digital marketers can use to come up with new ideas for digital marketing campaigns.

Price of Moz Local is: $99/month (Starting)

5:Google Analytics-

Google analytics allows digital marketers to track the performance of their digital assets, so they know how much traffic it’s bringing them and what type of content has been most successful in generating that traffic. It also helps digital marketers see where all their website visitors are coming from geographically, including search engines or social media networks like Facebook or Twitter.

Price of Google Analytics is: Free

6: Buzzstream-

BuzzStream is digital marketers’ digital asset management and collaboration tool. It helps digital marketers see what content they have already created on social media, which can help them avoid creating duplicate posts that will overwhelm followers with updates from the same digital marketer. BuzzStream also allows digital markets to collaborate with their team members in order to create more cohesive campaigns together.

Price of Buzzstream is: $15/month (Trial)

7: Yoast (WordPress Plugin)

Yoast is an SEO plugin that digital marketers can install on their WordPress site to help them optimize the website and content for search engines. It provides digital marketers with guidelines for how they should be structuring their content in order to rank higher, which helps digital marketers succeed at getting found by potential customers.

Price of Yoast (WordPress Plugin) is: Free

8: Trello-

Trello digital marketing is great because it allows digital marketers to collaborate with their team members in order to create and manage campaigns together. Trello also helps digital marketers prioritize tasks so they can tackle the most important ones first, which will save them time on focusing on more difficult or tedious projects that do not yield as many results for digital marketers

Price of Trello is: Free

9: Canva-

Canva digital marketing tool is a graphic design program that digital marketers can use to make their own digital assets for social media, which will help them save time on designing these images.

Price of Canva is: Free (Upgrade For Better Tools & Resources)

10: Mailchimp-

Mailchimp digital marketing tool is a digital marketer’s best friend because it’s an email client that allows digital marketers to send newsletters and build their subscriber list. It offers digital marketers templates, personalization features, automation of content delivery

Price of Mail Chimp is: Free (For 1000 Subscribers)

11: Google Ads:

Top 13 Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers

Almost any type of business, regardless of size, can benefit from Google AdWords. Although a lot of marketers believe that Google Ads is too costly, it is one of the most effective digital marketing platforms that may propel your company to new heights.

  • Google Ads’ features include:
  • Encourage people to visit websites
  • Increase consumer calls by implementing a click-to-call button.
  • Boost the number of people that visit your stores

To use Google AdWords effectively, people must first understand how to build them; otherwise, they would be squandering their money. (understand how to design Google advertising here). The easiest thing about Google Ads is that it’s not too hard to calculate return on investment (ROI). Furthermore, the platform is much faster and easier to use thanks to new artificial intelligence technologies. With display advertising, AI features can help you achieve results more quickly. 

You may target your consumer base based on a variety of characteristics, like age, gender, location, occupation, and more, thanks to the numerous targeting choices. Other digital marketing solutions do not offer this.

The most significant thing is that you can use Google Agency Account Strategist to find out about the newest features offered by Google. Additionally, having access to this grants you access to some beta testing.


Top 13 Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers

Slack is used by digital marketers daily. You may send messages, share helpful content, and talk about client work, new articles, projects, and support tickets using Slack. To communicate effectively with your team of digital marketers, you will require a strong platform. Here’s when Slack becomes useful.

  • Slack’s features include:
  • facilitates real-time online communication between team members.
  • Permit you to stay up to date on all project, team, and channel relevant information.
  • Let me use video conferencing and messaging as well.
  • Help the teams work together from any location.
  • Despite having a messaging app-like appearance, it is much more than that. You may be able to increase the effectiveness of your organization with Slack. It is not a tool for project management or collaboration. It functions as a messaging app with a vast array of settings and options. It facilitates searchable, public group interactions as well as private ones. You can make new groups and alter the interface’s color palette.

13: Survey Anyplace:

Top 13 Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers

For marketing professionals looking to develop engaging and interactive tests, surveys, and evaluations for their target audience, SurveyAnyplace is the ideal solution. It’s a fantastic digital marketing tool that will help you interact with your target market and develop the personality and identity of your business.

You may use this tool to create high-quality surveys for your digital marketing campaigns that will benefit you in the long run if you’re tired of using traditional surveys to find out what the market is now looking for in terms of a product or business.

  • SurveyAnyplace’s features include:
  • enables you to design surveys that yield insightful results
  • and give the responders individualized guidance in return.
  • aids in comprehending consumer expectations, what they desire, the characteristics they seek, and more.
  • You may create your own brand and brand reflection on surveys and questionnaires with SurveyAnyplace. Put simply, you can build a brand that meets and exceeds the expectations of your customers by focusing on the user experience. The biggest feature is that you can create your survey questions using the platform and add photos as well. 
  • The surveys that you offer are easy to use, well-designed, and responsive to mobile devices.


What digital marketers need to remember is that every digital marketing tool has a different purpose and there are many out there. It’s important for digital marketers to find the digital marketing tools they’re most comfortable with in order to be successful!

We hope this list of Top Ten Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers will help you do just that. Happy digital marketing!

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