How to Talk to people like Dominator {11 tips}

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Welcome to the human jungle. When two tigers prowling through
the jungle chance upon one another in a clearing, they look at each
other. They freeze. Instinctively they calculate each other on basis of their survival and strength
Tigers in the wilderness differ little from the corporate jungle (or singles jungle or social jungle). Humans start the process by looking at each other and talking. In the business world, while smiling and uttering “How
do you do?” “Hello,” “Howdy,” or “Hi,” they are, like tigers,
instinctively, instantaneously, sizing each other up.
They’re not calculating the length of each other’s claws or the
sharpness of their teeth. They’re judging each other on a weapon
far more powerful to survival as they have defined it. Humans are
judging each other’s communication skills. Although they may
not know the names of the specific studies first proving it, they
sense the truth: 85 percent of one’s success in life is directly due
to communication skills.
They may not be familiar with the U.S. Census Bureau’s
recent survey showing employers choose candidates with good
communication skills and attitude way over education, experience, and training. But they know communication skills get people
to the top. Thus, by observing each other carefully during
casual conversing, it becomes almost immediately evident to both
which is the bigger cat in the human jungle.
It doesn’t take long for people to recognize who is an “important”
person. One cliché, one insensitive remark, one overanxious
reaction, and you can be professionally or personally demoted. You
can lose a potentially important friendship or business contact.
One stupid move and you can tumble off the corporate or social
The techniques in this article will help ensure that you make
all the right moves so this doesn’t happen. The following communications
skills give you a leg up to start your ascent to the top
of any ladder you choose.

1. Listen

Yes! you read it perfectly right. Listening
The base of any communication, any conversation.
The main objective to the conversation is to transfer the information.for that you have to listen to the other one what he/she has to say
Most of the people ignore the power of listening and it gives birth to misunderstanding. Which can lead up to the war.

2. Don’t Rush;Have patience

Many people just want to say their words and they rush to speak
You shouldn’t do this.this can cause you lower confident in others eyes and he can treat you like a low level person.So have patience and Don’t rush.

3. Don’t Prejudge

Somewhere I read “Fighting is not Bad, But the intention of fight is bad” Because when we intent to, We prejudging the situation (or people) we continuously sending a message to our subconscious mind to do so. It results in much worse than the previous result. So Don’t Judge a book by it’s cover

4. Be Empathetic

We always show sympathy to people: “aww he doesn’t have legs or she can’t see the world. Sympathy is good But it seems to show off. Because unless you don’t have empathy,if you can’t understand how other one feels,You can’t connect with them and without connecting to them you cant communicate properly so Be empathetic

5. Don’t Show your Cards First

Have you ever noticed highly effective people say something previously what they regret after? Might be they are also humans but they do it too less than others. They don’t show their cards first. They use nonverbal communication to show others first their cards. Which gives them the upper hand of the conversation.

6. Be aware of current affairs

Naah!!! I’m Not saying you to study every paper in the morning, watch news channels Like a UPSC student.I’m just suggesting you have some knowledge about some topics in which you have an interest. That’d be helpful when you apply the next tip in this article.

7. Try to flow into your expertise {Don’t Push}

We can’t know everything in the world. But to dominate a conversation. You must try to turn the flow of conversation into your field of interest. But do it softly. Don’t break the conversation into like “Let’s talk about football “while talking about space. It can create a transformation gap.
In the last, Try to find a common field of interest in which you have more knowledge than other one.And also don’t push this tip too hard otherwise it can cause you end of conversation or other person end up avoiding you.

8. Learn proper Body Language

You know most experts agree that 70 to 93 percent of all communication is nonverbal.
So proper body language, posture, and gesture can send a positive and proper message what can make you an effective and confident person.

9. Small talks and proper WPM

Do you know what makes you effective talker??
when you give much more information in few words.I don’t say to use large fancy british words.But you should talk small and effectively.
With that your WORDS PER MINUTE should be 150-170 to be effective
lesser than that can cause you little boring and higher wpm makes you fast talker

10. Don’t try to impress

Probably you are reading this article to impress some girl or someone you like. Don’t do that.REMEMBER “YOU ARE MOST IMPORTANT”.
You shouldn’t deal anything on exchange of your self respect.It might be harsh But it can cost you big damage in long run .
SO don’t even try to impress LET THEM TO IMPRESS YOU.

11. Learn when to stay quite and Smile

Idiots are everywhere in the world. You can’t communicate with them.
So Learn to stay quite and smile at that time.It will kill them from root

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