How I forgot my past & Became a smart Doer {10 TIPS}

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Do you know what is the biggest fear that haunts many people for life??
The answer is Rough PAST.No matter if it was your love life or it was your bad decisions that haunt you overnight or cause you overthinking of that thing. No matter what it is But as per I think that the rough past is like a black hole It can suck you whole and No-one literally no-one gives a fuck about it.
I can understand your pain in that situation because I was there. You want to forget that shit but your clever mind always brings that and pushes you into the agony of overthinking, fear, stuck, stress, and depression.

So today I will tell you, How you can forget that rough past and become a smart doer. It will help you with what are you going through. It is all my experience and it works

1. Cut the Negatives

The first step towards your redemption from the cage of the past is to cut the negative peoples around you. Even if they are your closest friend.Because If he or she is filling your life with guilt and not supporting you in situations in which you suffer. He (or she) is not worth being in your life.
Because in the end- believe it or not you are the most important person in your life. So do a favor to your soul and cut the crappy idiots from your life

2. Stop Blaming Yourself again and again

Taking responsibility for your bad decision is one of the good things you learn in your life. Not everyone can do this courageous deed.
But when it is a tragedic past which haunts you. Then you start to blame yourself again and again; At last, the result makes your self-esteem super low. You overthink every time even it’s not even worth it.
So the second thing to do is STOP BLAMING YOURSELF.

3. Create a Virtual Reality

Here you have to accept. You are already in a virtual world of guilt where you cry on your past. Why it happened to you or Why you did take that fuckin’ decision.
So I am telling you to be there
Yes, you heard it right Be in virtual reality.BUT
Instead of having thoughts of a rough guilty past you are going to say yourself to something you wish for. This means you have to lie to your subconscious mind to believe in that lie. And if possible brag that thing to others as you believe in that thing what you are saying. Try the opposite of your past
for example Something like I

4. Don’t Try to Impress Others

Impressing others with your work or looks is different than impressing them with doing what they want.
Every time impressing others is not the key to a relationship. It makes the relationship one side driven. & your respect can be compromised
For exp, a friend of mine always Impressing others and thinks that the key to life is always being like that
No, my friend, it is making you miserable.

5. Give Treat to Yourself

You are keep self sabotaging in this situation. You must love yourself. For this you can give yourself a treat. It can be anything you like. It can be your favorite restaurant or you can go for shopping or buy something online
Brain science says when we treat ourselves it boosts our will power. & you need this boost urgently

6. Try New Things

If you are not satisfied with what you are doing then it is time to try a different thing which you love
If you like gaming then try a different game.
Top 10 mobile games everyone must play

7. Meditation

You might be thinking “WTF man Not meditation again”
But believe this thing works. You can take the help of some apps if you want but the meditation is the key to your soul which can make your guilt and stress go away

8. Watch some Movies and funny TV Shows

Watching movies will take you to the other world try to watch fantasy or comedy if you like.
You can try sitcoms it can make you smile and help you to forget the past.

9. Take 40000 ft view

If you are depressed and thinking of anything unusual then this is the most important point for you
you are thinking this way only because you so emerge in this moment and you can’t find a way of returning to the real world
So just take a deep breath and take a 40000 ft view of that situation and you will find after some time this situation will be gone and you won’t even have that thought.

10. Ask For HELP

As I mentioned Sometimes you so emerge at this moment and you can’t find a way of returning to the real world.
It can cause you self harm or anything unusual ;
If you are getting this kind of thoughts be aware of you are also important to your parents and friends
SO in this situation don’t hesitate to ask for help.

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