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Marketingblocks Overview-

Marketingblocks: Just imagine you have a scalable business, and you are willing to pace everything up as soon as possible, but you cannot create a team of marketers to help you scale your service/product online.

It is getting challenging to hire people, and you generally don’t get exactly what you expect from them.

This is where an AI-powered tool like Marketingblocks can get you going instantly by bringing a vast team of AI tools.

Your company can use marketing assets to promote and educate potential clients about your goods, services, or brand.

Some marketing assets include emails, sales letters, advertisement copy, website content, videos, and visuals.

This is where tools like Marketing Blocks will help you provide everything under a roof.

Now, Let’s Start with a Quick Overview of the Product. It will give you a quick tour of our Marketingblocks Review Journey.

CREATORIfiok Nkem 
PRODUCT NAME MarketingBlocks 2.0
LAUNCH DATE & TIMEDec-19-2022 11:00 Est
PRICE$ 497
REFUND POLICY30 days money-back guarantee
SUPPORTEffective Response
NICHEDigital Marketing Tools 
SKILLAll Levels (Anyone can use It)
CriticEye’s AdviceHighly Recommended

What is Marketingblocks

MarketingBlocks is a powerful tool that helps you create marketing materials with ease. Whether you’re a veteran in marketing or just getting into it, Marketing blocks can help you take your business to the next level. It will help you create unique landing pages, ads, banners, marketing copy, videos, and much more with remarkable ease and speed. You can also choose from various templates and customize them to your requirements. It has 21 AI tools built into one sophisticated software powerhouse for business owners. 

Marketingblocks is a great way to save time/money and make money out of it simultaneously. It can generate high-quality marketing products without hiring a professional designer or marketer. If you’re looking for a power-packed and easy-to-use marketing tool, then Marketingblocks is an excellent option. Let’s get ahead in this journey of Marketingblocks Review.

Marketingblocks Creators—

Ifiok Nkem is one of the most promising digital marketers in the industry and has been doing what he does best for an extended period. He has successfully launched various SaaS including SnapiLABs, MD Franchise, CopyBlocks, and many more tools, which has helped the marketing industry to take leaps on another level. He is also a JVZoo high-performance leader and has over $4 million in sales with thousands of sellers from all over the globe. 

Features and Benefits of Marketingblocks

  • Email Composition Tool: MarketingBlocks can help you write emails for your businesses and let me tell you, this tool can handle as much as e-mail you want.
  • Multi-lingual: MarketingBlocks supports almost all major languages in the world.
  • Sales page templates: MarketingBlocks gives you access to several sales templates to go through and help you choose the best to get your sales for the day.
  • Social media conversion: The number of leads that you will get on social media is unimaginable and being able to convert it automatically is just a sigh of relief. Just deploy the tool and sit back.
  • Website Creation: There are various ready-to-use templates or you can design a website from scratch fulfilling all your requirements. Create landing pages through AI in no time and boost your sales with Marketingblocks. You can also add splash pages to give your website a more attractive look.
  • Create Pop-ups: These can help you advertise your brand/business in a much better way than just random Ads. Users can get through your offerings in no time with the help of pop-ups.
  • Generate Content Out of Nowhere: Just enter a keyword and you will have blog posts, articles, descriptions whatever you need will be at your screen just by entering an accurate keyword.
  • Generate/Edit Images: Yes, you can generate images out of keywords and use them for your social media platforms. In addition, it edits all the images and makes them lively and interesting in many ways, removing blur, and animating images all can be done with this tool.
  • Create Logo/Visiting Cards: Just look for the templates that you like and in no time you will have various logos, visiting cards, invitation cards and so on. Enter the keyword and you will have amazing stuff on your screen to process it further.

Create Voice-overs: Once you are done with your clips and if you wish to give it a voiceover to make it even more productive, it can be done easily. You can also generate scripts and subtitles for your videos.


How does Marketingblocks Work

Step 1:

Enter the name of your project or the project you will be working on.

Step 2:

Select and enter the desired business assessment or keyword through which you want the AI assistant to start working on it.

Step 3:

The AI-powered marketing assistant software will produce the required marketing assessments for you.

Or you can click here to watch a quick guide on AI Engine Review by the creator.   

Marketingblocks Review – Who should try it?

Here is a list of people who should go for Marketingblocks to up their game in marketing.

  • Social media influencers to reach more brands and gain numbers.
  • Online Business owners to boost sales and generate leads.
  • Offline business owners to make it big on social media platforms.
  • Content creators such as writers/video creators/editors/ image creators/animators.
  • Marketing agencies who have numerous clients under their belt have to create and manage content for their clients and can earn a good amount of money.

Marketingblocks: Pricing and Upgrades-

Pros & Cons-


  • AI-Powered Tools
  • Affordable prices
  • Superior & Highly Captivating Advertising Materials
  • Higher conversions are assured.
  • Innovative technology
  • Maximal worldwide reach 
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Simple to use


As of now, there are none.


As per my research, there is not much software packed like Marketingblocks is designed. It is just way too much for any software to have these many AI tools jam-packed into one. I won’t say these competitors but anyway here are a few tools in terms of customer support.

Genesys Cloud CX

This AI-powered tool mostly focuses on customer experience and enhances it by directing them and having deep conversations with them to solve all kinds of problems regarding the product/service. It is nowhere near Marketingblocks in terms of offering multiple tools in a single package.


It has one of the best two-way e-mail AI-powered bots to make conversations like no other tool. It is one of the best inbound tools to convert potential consumers to proper long-term consumers. The proactive automated e-mail service also works with great accuracy to enhance the customer experience.


So, just like the above tools, this is also a tool which engages your potential consumer or a lead with good conversation or one-on-one e-mails throughout the time. Most of the tools focusing on customer experience enhancement stick to it and do that only.


Click here-

Conclusion: My Opinion on Marketing Blocks

If you are looking for an all-rounder tool to help you manage all your marketing strategies, beginning from creating content to posting it on several social media platforms by optimizing it for getting viral, then indeed Marketingblocks is made for you,. You must get your hands on it as soon as possible because you will be saving a ton of money and time while you use this AI-powered beast of a tool. This is one of the most promising tools as of now, and you should get your hands on it when it is still affordable. Just get going and start working through marketing blocks to make things easier.

Vendor’s Bonuses-

Bonus #1- Special Training

Training for Agency Accelerators

Training for Agency Accelerator to help you create leads for your new agency and existing clients

Bonus #2-Never Walk Alone

52-Week Program

We hold a live Q&A session every Saturday during which we address each person’s concerns and questions one by one and provide them with immediate assistance.

Bonus #3-Webinar Training

Live Training Every Week

Every Wednesday, the squad has a unique training session with a select group of community members.

a thorough instruction where they provide insider tactics, ideas, and hacks for internet marketing. They also demonstrate how to implement it in your business by going over various case studies and market niches.

Every time, the webinars are 100% FREE & VALUE PACKED!

Wish to attend the upcoming meeting?

Obtain your MarkeitngBlocks access now, and you’ll gain entry to the training update group, enabling you to join the elite few.

Bonus #4-Mentorship

Skype Group Mentoring

Skype Group Mentorship + Opportunity to Join The Client Challenge.

Bonus #5-MarketingBlocks Academy

They’ve developed a comprehensive video school specifically for MarketingBlocks; the training courses help you advance from a novice user of the platform to a professional one while also assisting you in establishing and managing a successful agency utilizing the platform.

Additional Bonuses

  • One Hundred AI Workers
  • Ninja Play for Cold Outreach
  • Bundle of 100+ Graphics Designs
  • Database of 1.2 Million Local Businesses
  • Special Access To The Resources For Our Drop Service
  • Resource Vault for Cold Calling
  • Quora Marketing Course: A to Z
  • Quora Hacking: A Free Tool To Discover Popular Questions in Your Niche
  • Course on Community Management
  • Gmail Advertising Training

Bonuses From Criticeye-

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Don’t Fall For Bonuses which are costly in the market but someone providing you for free only because you purchase from their link.

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That’s Why We only Provide Good Quality and Virus-Free Bonuses on Products That are The Best.

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How to Claim Bonuses?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)-

1. What is Marketingblocks?

A cloud-based AI tool that helps marketers create marketing assets like copy, landing pages, promo videos, art, logos, blog posts, ads, and banners.

2. How does Marketingblocks work?

MarketingBlocks AI functions as an AI-powered assistant named Ethan. It can generate high-quality marketing assets that are indistinguishable from those crafted by expert marketers.

3. What features do Marketingblocks have?

MarketingBlocks AI has features for voice-over, image editing, and video creation. It also has an AI-assisted “Landing Page/Website” creation feature.

4. Who can use Marketingblocks?

Social media influencers, entrepreneurs, agencies, and marketers can use MarketingBlocks AI.

5. Do I Need To Install Any Software?

No need to install or download anything. MarketingBlocks is completely web/cloud-based, you can generate content and use the AI tools anywhere you wish.

6. Do You Have a 100% Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, If you are not happy with your experience, you can e-mail and get a full refund within 30 days of your purchase.

7. How Do I Get Support?

Simply write an email or chat with Marketingblocks and have your queries answered within no time.

8. Are There Any Limitations or Restrictions?

Some of the tools have limitations to prevent misuse. The monthly limits are 10 minutes of spokes videos, 1,000 artworks, 20 video renderings, 50 client accounts, 2 million characters transcribed monthly, and 10 custom bots with 4,000 queries each month. During the duration of your subscription, this resets monthly with new credits. This package offer includes the limitless upgrade, which unlocks an infinite number of projects and content. Unlimited copy credits, unrestricted projects, pages, advertisements, graphics, emails, profits, and artistic expression are all available.


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