14 Things I Wish, I Knew before Launching My Blog

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After completing my first year of Blogging, I thought, why not share my experience, successes, and mistakes you can avoid at the beginning of your Blogging career.

Hello guys, Dean here. I am a Blogger & Digital Marketer for the last year. 

This year, I learned so many things that I wish I knew before.

So in this article, I will share my experience with Blogging and Tips to Grow your Blog with a Low Budget.

Whether you are starting or completed a year, these tips will help you save time a lot. (List of Free Tools Attached)

14 Lessons I wish I knew before Launching My Blog

1 Don’t Get Overwhelmed By Content Creation

Let’s Be Honest. We get overwhelmed by seeing other successful bloggers doing well; how can you compete with that? How can I make content for the Blog and social media?

But I suggest you don’t do that. Start with baby steps. And then increase your speed gradually. 

Content creation is just 20% of your Blogging. Main Work is Traffic

Make templates for your blog articles and social Media then your work will get halved.

2 Use Proper Images-

Don’t compromise on Images; These are the salesman of your Product. Whether you are blogging or selling a product, If your images are not good enough, you can not bring people to your main offer. That is a rule of thumb.

Because Images are Front End Sellers, People see them first and make assumptions about your content. 

I suggest Canva, a Photo-Editing Software. It has drag and drop feature & very easy to use. I also use it daily.

3 Focus On 1 (max 2) Social Media Platform at once

When I started blogging, I heard about making as many social media presence as possible. But it is necessary, and in the case of Solo Blogger, you can’t handle too many social media platforms.

You can work on one and a maximum of 2 social media platforms at once.

  1. Must Use Pinterest- If you are a blogger, Pinterest is the soul traffic generator for your Blog. Because Pinterest is the best way to generate traffic, and in the beginning, you can not get sufficient traffic from SEO. So it would be best if you had a Pinterest strategy for your blog.

4 Don’t Worry About Numbers & Focus on Quality-

This is funny when people think that More Followers or more monthly views mean more income.

But it is wrong.

You have to have good quality to attract Good and Loyal Customers (in Our case, Readers).

So don’t worry if you have 100 Followers or low numbers; Focus on your Strategy and the Quality of your Content. 

5 Make your Email List-

 Email List is a great asset for An Online Business. 

In Online Business, Every Email can earn you $1.

But the mistake I made, didn’t collect email addresses from the start. 

But don’t make that mistake. And start Collecting Emails On your Website. I recommend you Mailchimp in the beginning.

6 Attract Freebies

If you want to grow any business, then attract freebies. You might think, Why would I attract freebies if they can’t pay me.

Freebies are very important for your Blogging Because they are not only Boost your traffic but also Advertise your Blog and services to other people.

7 Invest in Learning But Don’t Overspend

Learning is important to make anything Successful. It would be best if you spent on Learning by spending on some courses or tools. These tools and courses can cut off your learning curve by half. So never fear to invest in Learning and tools.

But I don’t recommend buying courses out of your budget (Like a $5000 Blogging Course).

No course can make you a millionaire overnight. Eventually, You have to apply it and Go through the Process.

Try to balance your Investing in Learning and invest intelligently.

8 Learn About SEO-

Search Engine Optimization is very important and the base of any online Business. So start learning about SEO; it is not that easy, But not impossible as well. Try to learn One thing at a time, and you will learn about SEO.

9 Use Automation-

Automation is important in any business Because you can’t be everywhere; as in offline business, automation is not that efficient, but in Online business, Artificial Intelligence & Software made it simpler and easier.

Do you know you can use tools like Buffer, Tailwind, Facebook Creator Studio to schedule and automate the process and free up your time to do other important things?

Get this Free E-Book of How Artificial Intelligence can Make Your Online Business Easier-

Free E-book AI For Entrepreneurs

10 Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome-

There are many ways to make money online. And You Must have multiple sources of income.

But In the beginning, try to focus on only one thing. Select a few major tasks for the week and cut them down into small parts per day; by doing that, you will not get overwhelmed or get distracted. 

10 Things I Wish, I Knew Before Launching My Blog

11: It takes time to make money with blogging:

A common misperception regarding blogging is that it’s an excellent means of generating quick money or “getting rich quick.” It really can take a long time to earn money from blogging. Now, you’re probably smart enough to realize that you won’t start your blog on Monday and earn enough money from it by Friday afternoon to “quit your day job.

I realized early on in my blogging career that I wouldn’t become wealthy quickly. To be honest, though, I hoped it would happen within a few months rather than years.

12:You will make mistakes with a new blog:

I made a lot of blunders when I first started working on, as I previously indicated. And I’m confident that I’ll make a tonne more in the future. You will also make blunders when blogging. When you’re just starting with a blog, making mistakes is quite acceptable. In certain cases, you’ll notice your errors quickly and be able to fix them; for example, you might have set up your blog without adding an About Me page.

It may take some time to identify further errors. When it comes to your blogging approach, this frequently occurs. For example, you might not know who your target audience is, and it might take you months to understand why having a specific target audience in

13:Quality is much more important than quality with a new blog:

When you first launch your blog, you may be eager to publish content on it as soon as possible. You could believe that producing new content daily will yield the finest outcomes. It’s simple to become fixated on creating material for as many platforms as possible, especially with social media and guest posting so many additional options available. However, I’ve come to realize that in the blogging world, quality does matter more than quantity throughout the years.

You will always receive more traffic from one truly helpful, well-considered, in-depth piece of content than from ten hurried items that you wrote to reach a self-imposed quota. That one outstanding article will be widely shared, linked to, and a strong contender to appear at the top of Google’s search results.

14: Building habit is essential:

I was working a conventional full-time job when I started blogging. I’m really happy to report that I’ve just started working remotely again, regularly, with Close, where I used to work many years ago. Luckily, I’ve developed solid routines from my early blogging days, which puts me in a wonderful position to maintain my site.

The majority of bloggers, particularly those who are more recent, have very little time to blog. It’s improbable that you will blog nonstop every day. Because your life most likely doesn’t operate that way, you need to develop excellent habits instead of waiting for the time to come.

“You won’t make progress quickly enough to stay engaged over the long term if you don’t physically block off at least a few hours to work on your blog each week—whether it’s in the mornings before your day job or during the evenings after putting your kids to bed,” I said in my top blogging tip about creating smart habits.

Examine your weekly calendar for guidance in getting started. Seek regular time slots that you can dedicate to blogging. Popular choices among numerous bloggers are:


How much money can bloggers make?

Full-time bloggers typically earn between $38,440 and $51,906, with an average salary of $45,000. Nonetheless, there might be a large range in the earnings of bloggers. Taking into account part-time bloggers, the majority of bloggers make a pitiful $1,000 or less annually, particularly in their first year of blogging. You’ll have additional options to monetize your blog and start making significantly more money as your audience increases. I now earn between $25,000 and $60,000 a month from my blog, which provides me with a solid safety net of additional savings (a really important amount of money).

I’ve been a part-time blogger for the past few years, and I’ve made between $250,000 and $500,000 a year, which I consider to be a significant income that improves my quality of life. The degree to which a given post generates traffic and affiliate income, the number of students enrolled in my paid blogging classes, the amount of freelancing clients I take on, and a variety of other factors can all have an impact on how much money I make from blogging. One of the best things I’ve ever done is to start a blog and keep investing in it over time.

My Point of View-

Doing something and getting some hurdles is the Process. Don’t Get Stuck. Try to figure out How you can Resolve it, Take Action, Be Resourceful. There are too many resources out there; You have to open your eyes and identify them.

There are so many tools out there that are free or too cheap to purchase.

So Don’t worry and always ask if you need my help.

Don’t Forget to 

Claim Your Free E-book of AI For Entrepreneurs. 

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