Wasting Vs Investing your Time (How to know you are wasting time & learn to invest your Time)

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Time; The most precious resource of your life & also the most ignored resource of one’s life.
Did you ever think, How some peoples live their dreams and climb the ladder of success but most peoples live either in rat race or a life what society say?? Rather both got 24 hours amount per day.
Because successful peoples have vision, and they invest their time doing what they want, On the other side most of the people of the rat race most don’t even know what they want in life and some who knows what they want, Don’t even know the value of time; They might have potential more than everyone else, but they waste their time on things that are not worth giving time, or they don’t even realize the value of time.

Think this way- you are a human with average life expectancy of 79 years. On average Till you get mature and find your dreams you are 25 years old, you left with 54 years, in that daily routine like 6-8 hours of sleeping and other activities, you only have 60-65% control over your time.
Now you have to decide what you want to do in that time, Either it is playing video games, watching movies which can make you happy for a while OR decide where you want to go with your life, working for your dream to travel the world and work for that.

Your deep inside selected for second option, So work and get that for future yourself.
In this journey you must know what is examples of wasting and investing the time is, So that you can stay away from wasting time and learn to invest your time for your future good.

Wasting of Time

1. Too much Screen Time

If you are watching too much television, OTT or even video games, beware it is an addiction which can lead you towards the annihilation.
Well said by

Christian Lous Lange – “Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master

Here if we take example of your excessive screen time in your daily life; Here you give control to the technology over your life. So take control in your hand and don’t be foolish

2. Complaining

I personally hate complainers, They have the silliest excuses in the world. They think excuses can give them satisfaction, and mostly they do but the price is your time; yes, your time.
Think this way-
You want to be a singer, Now what really happens with complainers their mind is kind of lazy that doesn’t want to work, So that give him an excuse, Now call is yours if you want to listen to that excuse like, I am a small town person, I am not made for a singer, or she became a big singer because she had peoples and power behind her.
Oh come on, Life never started their game with rules, Some born with already won, Some take what they want and most make excuses, so they can satisfy their denial of already wasted time.

3. Comparing

Comparing is a tool of psychology which inspire us to become like a compared object But in a proper manner, If you habituate to this habit you will welcome multiple bad guest with that, like overthinking, jealousy, revenge, and they will consume your precious time like a vampire

4. Procrastinating

Procrastinating the work every time, always delay the work; No matter what, you delay the work. You know why that happens??
Because, of lack of motivation and perseverance, You see whenever you start the work with full energy and because of getting result quickly you just overwork or overload the work on mind, and the next day your mind persuade you to take a day off because you did too much work yesterday, Here you lacked the perseverance and persuaded by your own mind. Remember your mind is the one of the most powerful tool in the world.
Now since you drop a day of your work, you will delay the work and end up persuaded my mind again
Then if you want to stop procrastinating, you should do work with small steps and with perseverance.

5. Time mapped by others

1. By Achievers

You want to be successful in life and for this you follow the schedule of a successful person who is most successful in the area you want success like him, So you just copy and paste the schedule with your routine, But it won’t work. You know why?? Because every person is unique as their fingerprints, may be some things match but your nature and mindset is totally different from others. In the beginning when you force apply that schedule you might think that is working but that just wasting your time nothing else.

2. By colleagues and family

So you’re working on your dreams and you gave a deadline to yourself to do some work, but one day a colleague suggests you, you must go to this concert or you must not lose the chance to go to that trip as that is awesome. Now time with family and friends are important but you have to prioritize what is most important for you

6. Comfort Zoned

I read somewhere “The life starts out of your comfort zone
And that is absolutely correct. If you want to do something or achieve something you can’t get it on your bed. You have to hustle.
You’re just wasting time in your comfort zone with only dreming.
So get up, Go out of your comfort zone and get what you are dreaming

7. Time spend with false promise of “Guaranteed Success”

Elon Musk once said college is “not for learning” and a degree isn’t ‘evidence of exceptional ability’ But you could basically learn anything you want to for free

Same I want to say that the schools and colleges only make you skillful to being a servant of high PayScale nothing else.
So don’t totally believe on that system to guaranteed success and fulfillment of your dreams.

Her I am not saying you shouldn’t complete your education or if you did not do college then you are good, I am just saying they are just providing you skills to do jobs under a company.

How to Invest your Time

Everyone knows time is money, You probably heard your father, a teacher or in a speech. But how many people realize and apply that quote in their life, Probably too few, Even perhaps your father or teacher doesn’t know the time value maybe they think, on time sleeping and coming office daily is managing time.
Yes that is part of that but if you sink in you will see, time management isn’t about only schedule your day but also investing in time also important. Without investing, you won’t get returns in the future
For example, you started learning a new skill or reading a book they may be not given you returns quickly but in the long run when you complete that thing they will make change in your life.

There are multiple ways to invest your time in your future (or career). That depends on you, What is it that you need in the future in your life, What is your field.
But some time investing habits common and most important in every field.

1. Learn a New Skill

If you want to master in any field you have to master skills, No matter if it is the academics, entrepreneurship, Art, sports or Politics. Every field needs skillful person. And better your skillet is the better you rise in that field.
So why not learn a new skill without wasting your time

2. Read a Book

By reading a book You get knowledge direct from the author, Who gone through those processes and that knowledge is totally pure.

When I was in my teen years, I used to think book reading is lame, I am not a nerd. Who reads a book nowadays while you can watch and learn on YouTube. And I used to search my answer of the questions in there. They were not satisfactory in those platform like YouTube
Then I tried to read a book eventually. I was stunned and saw the writer was so impeccable that he gave me all answers I was searching for.
I was glad that I found the answers and felt sorry to not read the book early.
So don’t afraid to read the book, they were source of knowledge and always will be source of knowledge in human life.

3. Learn How Money Works

Most of the people in the world no matter what their occupation is, suffer from lack of money in their lives, that happens because they don’t even know how money works, and they work for money while rich make money work for them. In the book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Robert Kiyosaki explained How rich people make money work for them while they sleep And poor or middle class people work for money for their entire life. He called it financial literacy.
If you want money work for you, you must study how money works.
Invest your time to explore financials, research about money working. You will get a great returns in the future.

4. Develop Communication Skills

Many research shows that the success in a person’s life depends on your communication skills. If you are not good at communication then you can not speak up your mind in right manner
Think this way- If you want to be good at jobs that means you need promotions, and promotions are given by your boss So you must have good relations with your boss. If not then no matter how skillful you are you can’t get success or in this case promotion.
If you are a businessman, then communication skills are most important to you because communication is the only thing that connects and build faith with your customers.
So invest your time to improve your communication and social skiils.

5. Choosing Friends & Surrounding wisely

Do you know How our mindset build?
Our mindset builds by our surroundings which includes our friends and peoples we interfuse with.
If you have friends who don’t have goals or proper habits. That could possibly affect you and make you like that aimless person
So invest some time to choose your friends and peoples wisely. So that they can improve you and your mindset. Which will give you better results in future.

6. Take care of Physical and Mental Health

Everything is worthless if you can’t enjoy the success you work on for your entire life. So taking care of your body is the most important and basic thing to do.

In Sanskrit, they say- “Body is a Temple” without body you can’t represent yourself in the world
So we must invest our time to make ourselves healthy

By physically and mentally
For physical health do yoga on daily basis, you can join the gym if you want and for mental health you should do meditation for 5-10 minutes daily

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