How to GROW your INSTAGRAM In 17 minutes a day

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How to GROW your INSTAGRAM In 17 minutes a day

So you have an Instagram account, and you want to GROW your INSTAGRAM account. And No matter How much do you grind and make awesome content But your IG account not growing. Even you tried the Follow-Unfollow method, But it causes you action block from Instagram. So What to do which takes the minimal time of your day and grows your account?

Here are some tips that will make you most productive and efficient and help you grow your Instagram account in a few minutes per day.

1. Weekly content-

Okay, So I have seen many newbie content creators make this mistake. They make their content daily. But it is much more time-consuming. They give their almost 1 to 2 hours to make their content, and they think followers will come to them Because They have unique content.
So Let me (sadly) burst your bubble; no matter How good your content is, No one will follow you for that; you have to do networking because Instagram is a social platform.

And mostly content creator give their 90% time to content creation and 10% or sometimes 0% to promote their content.

I am not saying content doesn’t matter, But you must do opposite and you must give your 10- 20% of time to create content and 80-90% to promote it.

That’s why make a day of Week your content day & make your complete week’s content on that day. By doing this, you will free your complete week only for Content Promotions.

2. Use Schedulers-

Facebook Scheduler for Instagram
Facebook Scheduler for Instagram

If you are an Instagram Content creator and don’t even know about SCHEDULERS, you are an enemy of your own time because schedulers make your life a lot easier and save your time.

And People Who know about schedulers would say, They are too expensive and shouldn’t use them. But Let me give you a Hint. Facebook provides its own official schedulers to content creators.

Yes, you heard it right. It is named Facebook Creator Studio, which is absolutely free and easy to use. So use it to schedule your weekly content, and you are good to go.

3. Post Only When your audience is online-

Post when your audience is online
Post when your audience is online

One of my friends recently asked me, How you get the most engagement without even promoting your content like him. Then I told him that I work Smart, Not Hard.

I told him I watch Instagram Analytics; When my audience is online, I schedule my post at that time interval so that My content can get More Eyeballs. When you have Fire content, but no one is there to see it. It indicates to Instagram that content is not that good, and your content gets buried in the feed.

So watch when your audience is online and schedule your post on that time frame.

4. Make a Hashtag Sheet-

Everyone knows, If you want to grow your Instagram account, You must know How to use hashtags to rank on Hashtag pages and Explore pages. But the problem is which hashtags? Even if we know, we can use tools like All Hashtags to search for new hashtags.

It’s too much time consuming to research for new hashtags every time for your new posts.

So you must research your hashtags weekly according to the post and make a sheet of 7 sets of 25 hashtags and try them weekly.

Your sets must be combinations of competitive and noncompetitive hashtags. After that, try them and analyze their performance based on their reach.

5. Come online Only when Post is Live-

I used to use Instagram daily basis, and when I started my Instagram Business account. I realize I started to use Instagram more often, and it reached out almost 4 hours per day. It was too much time-consuming. Because I have other projects to work on, I had to minimize this interval to 4 hours.
As my schedulers do most of the work, I set alarms and only come online only when my post is alive. I engage with them & promote them for 10 minutes. After that, I get offline.

By doing that I saved my time for other works.

6. Detach Emotions with Likes & Followers-

Last But not the Least, and I think This heading must be on the top.

But First thing first when you use social media platform you are playing with the DOPAMINE.

Yes, When you attach your emotions to your Instagram business, you can’t make tough decisions because you start to look for likes and followers to boost your confidence. Sure, they are important, but if you get attached to them, you will feel demotivated when you lose them, and your efficiency will go down.

That’s why No matter you get 100 likes or 1 million likes, don’t be happy or sad. Take it as only numbers and analytics. You will do far better with this mindset.


To grow your Instagram account, you must select weekly content with a hashtag sheet & schedule it with Facebook’s official scheduler. Most of all, detach your emotions from getting likes and followers Because it will make you check your Instagram again and again. Only then can you come online when your post is live by schedulers.

Good Luck

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