Review: Ai Video Suite Overview-

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Ai Video Suite review

Review: AiVideoSuite Overview-

Imagine you have a business that mostly operates online and is willing to make an Ad campaign/ Ad video for your business. Subsequently, your company is doing good business, but you don’t have a dedicated person with the skills to make an Ad for you.

This is where AiVideoSuite makes your life easier by providing the proper content you need for your business. It is one of the most promising software and could be one of the most relevant software in the future.

Proceed with this article to get a brief and detailed review of the software. Now, let’s begin by providing a brief overview of the product. This will offer you a swift glimpse into our review expedition.

CREATOR-Firelaunchers and Eric Holmlund
REFUND POLICY-30 days money-back guarantee
SUPPORT-Effective Response
NICHE-Video-Audio Creation/Editing
SKILL-All Levels (Anyone can use It)
CriticEye’s Advice-Just Go For It

What is AiVideoSuite

AiVideoSuite Overview-

AiVideoSuite is one of the most formidable software in the market powered by one of the most powerful AI assistants, i.e. GPT-4; you can seamlessly work and create content with the assistant. Having information from all over the globe to create the apt content you need is easy with AiVideoSuite.

It converts all your keywords into audio-video content with human-like voiceovers to make it realistic for the viewers. In addition, it will save you a lot of time because it is powered by GPT-4, which is expected to be 10 times more powerful and effective than GPT-3. Within a few minutes, you can create any text content into a high-quality and refined video, be it a blog post or a PowerPoint presentation. Everything can be converted into a video with AiVideoSuite.


AiVideoSuite Overview-

An incredible team of Firelaunchers and Eric Holmlund developed an AI Video Suite. Firelaunchers have one of the best numbers in sales on Jvzoo. You must have heard about their previous works, GPTVoicer and InstantVidz. Firelaunchers are one of the most promising product launchers in the AI industry. When it comes to Eric Holmlund, he is one of the most successful AI product launchers in the industry and has been helping many businesses raise money. He is also a real estate investor, SEO, digital marketer, teacher, and many more activities that he enjoys doing. In addition, he is also running a 7-figure business.

Let’s look at the features discussed in this AiVideoSuite Review here.

Features and Benefits of AiVideoSuite

AiVideoSuite Overview-

Create Video & Edit Seamlessly

Even if you’re new to video creation, the user-friendly whiteboard video creator makes it easy for anyone to get started. With an intuitive point-and-click interface, you can quickly create your video. This tool offers various options for video creation, ensuring flexibility and ease of Use.

Generate Script With ChatGPT

AiVideoSuite comes with ready-made prompts that guide the creation of scripts for various types of videos, such as whiteboard sales, business advertisements, product promotions, informative content, squeeze pages, and explainer/tutorial videos.

Just input your product details, URL, course information, and more, and choose your desired level of creativity. Within seconds, your script is ready to be transformed into a stunning video using the integrated whiteboard video editor.

Generate Videos From Your Script

If you have your script and wish to make a unique video, you can effortlessly use AiVideoSuite. Upload it and turn it into engaging videos.

Wide Range of Video Resolutions and Sizes 

AiVideoSuite provides a wide range of video templates and resolutions picked for multiple social media platforms. You can customize your videos for stories, Instagram posts (reels, ads), horizontal and square in-feed Instagram videos, YouTube videos in resolutions from 240P to 2160P, as well as videos suitable for Facebook 360 Monoscopic, stereoscopic, Instant experience (landscape, square), video ads, slide show video ads, and news feeds.

Boost Your Social Media Presence 

With AiVideoSuite, creating engaging vertical videos for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and more is easier. This allows you to reach millions of views, boost followers, and grow your business.

Over 100 Editable Vertical Video Templates in 11 Popular Niches 

Access a curated selection of over 100 templates across several popular niches like travel, food, tech, etc. Also, converting horizontal videos into vertical formats is effortless.

Create Videos from Searchable Images

Search for images from social media platforms and convert them into videos. With just a few keywords, the tool easily locates 5 to 20 images for seamless integration into your content.

Generate Videos from Image URLs 

Easily create videos by importing image URLs. Load images, adjust video quality, add audio files, or even upload voiceovers – all within a streamlined process.

Create Videos Using Local Images

Use the “UPLOAD” option to add images/files from your local device. After uploading the photos, adjust the video quality, integrate audio or upload voiceovers, and start creating your video.

User-Friendly Video Editor for Easy Editing

The UI makes tasks that would otherwise take hours with traditional video editors easy. Recreate all elements like watermarks, logos, editing options, trimming, overlays, and background music with the video editor.

Customize Animation Styles

Take creative control over animations with various styles, including Fade In, Fade Out, Vertical Shuffle, Horizontal Shuffle, Blink, and No Animation.

Edit Your Videos with Ease

AiVideoSuite has a feature that lets you edit videos you’ve uploaded directly within the tool. Just upload your video, make your edits, and voila! You’ve got a refined video ready to go.

Personalized Voiceovers/Scripts

Create custom voiceovers that fit your content perfectly. It’s as simple as speaking into a microphone! You can effortlessly create voiceover scripts using our built-in generator or upload your own. These scripts can be transformed into captivating voiceovers and seamlessly incorporated into your videos in just a few minutes.

Powerful Editing Capabilities

AiVideoSuite allows you to create voiceovers of up to 6000 characters, choose from various voice and language options, control the speed, and add music; it’s also compatible with multiple video editing software.

Ample Video Storage

You can securely store your videos within the ‘My Videos’ section, with up to 1 GB of storage capacity.

How does AiVideoSuite Work-

Step 1: Log in to AiVideoSuite and choose AI Shorts Maker Or AI whiteboard Video Maker.

Step 2: Now, proceed and select what kind of video you need, such as an informative video, Ads or choose from the rest of the options. Enter a keyword, and you will have a script instantly. You can also choose vertical videos for Reels, TikTok, or Shorts.

Step 3: Next, download the video in your required format or send it directly to your client if you have an agency. And you are done.

Or Click here to watch a detailed guide on AIVideoSuite.


AiVideoSuite Review – Who should try it?-

As per the offerings by AiVideoSuite, most people working online must use this software, but, to be precise, here are the kinds of people who should use it:

  1. Online content creators.
  2. Social media influencers/marketers.
  3. Business owners.
  4. YouTube/Facebook creators.
  5. Teachers can also use it to make things easier for their students.
  6. Moreover, one can use it to make content for other people to earn money.

Pricing and Upgrades-

Personal Use – $33.95

  • Personal Use
  • AI Video Maker – Instantly generate scripts for videos
  • Transform scripts into Whiteboard sales videos, Informational Videos, Explainer, product Promos, Business Ads, and squeeze page videos.
  • Full HD Vertical Videos tailored for Shorts, Stories, Instagram, Facebook & YouTube
  • Various resolutions and sizes customized for Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook
  • AI Shorts – Vertical video creator
  • Over 100 Editable Vertical Video Marketing Templates across 11 Hot Niches
  • Convert Horizontal Videos into Vertical Format
  • Create Impressive Videos from Image URLs or Local Uploads
  • Utilize Searchable Images to Craft Engaging Videos
  • Develop an Image slideshow video through a keyword search
  • Generate Videos by uploading your images or slides
  • AI Video Editor – Enhance with Thumbnails, speed adjustments, rotation, cropping, trimming, reversal, and text alignment!
  • Incorporate Background Music, Animation, Voiceover, watermarks, etc.
  • GPT-4 powered Vox Creator with Editor
  • Generate voiceovers with a capacity of up to 6000 characters each, available in various voices and languages, to seamlessly integrate into your videos.
  • Store a monthly video volume of up to 1 GB.
    100% Beginner Friendly

Agency Rights – $37

  • Set up a ChatGPT-powered profitable business on Fiverr and Upwork in 30 minutes!
  • Offer whiteboard sales videos with voiceovers powered by GPT-4 technology for sale.
  • Provide informational and explainer videos for online courses, products, services, etc.
  • Sell promotional videos for new products, business ads, and squeeze page videos.
  • Offer vertical videos suitable for Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and other media platforms.
  • Provide GPT-powered voiceovers or creation services.
  • Utilize the AI Video Maker to instantly generate scripts for videos.
  • Transform scripts into various video formats, including whiteboard sales videos, informational videos, explainer videos, product promos, business ads, and squeeze page videos.
  • Create full HD vertical videos tailored for Shorts, Stories, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • Provide different resolutions and sizes specifically designed for Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.
  • Use AI Shorts as a vertical video maker.
  • Offer 100+ editable vertical video marketing templates across 11 hot niches.
  • Convert horizontal videos into vertical formats.
  • Generate impressive videos using image URLs or local uploads.
  • Utilize searchable images to craft captivating videos.
  • Create image slideshow videos through keyword searches.
  • Produce videos by uploading your pictures or slides.
  • Utilize the AI Video Editor to add thumbnails, adjust speed, rotate, crop, trim, reverse, and align text.
  • Enhance videos with background music, animation, voiceovers, watermarks, etc.
  • Utilize the GPT-4 powered Vox Creator with an editor to create voiceovers of up to 6000 characters per voice in multiple voices and languages, and seamlessly integrate them into videos.
  • Store up to 1 GB of videos per month.
  • 100% Beginner Friendly

Pros & Cons-

Resilient UI and smooth experience.
Faster with the results.
Uses ChatGPT-4
One of the most powerful tools in the market.
Easy editing and rendering of videos.

Some users might find it complex, but getting used to it is easy.
AI has limitations, and sometimes it lacks real human imperfections.


Competition is one of the most important factors in every aspect. We, as consumers, can’t enjoy good products with better prices without competition, and just like any other service provider, AiVideoSuite also has competition. Below are some of the most pertinent ones:”


This is the appropriate software if you only want to make Ads out of your scripts, keywords, or business names. It can give you a proper Ad campaign within seconds and promote your business on various social media platforms. ADSREEL also digs deep into searching all the information about the particular company, giving you multiple results.


Everything can be done with this tool by converting your blog/articles into comprehensive videos or making a video out of just a few keywords. It features plenty of integrated tools to enhance your video. It can also generate scripts or generate enhanced videos from your inserted hands. It is similar to that of AI Video Suite.


It is the first AI-powered platform to reform the base of content creation. Being one of the earliest in the market, it is arguably one of the best software to create and monetize videos with just over an AI assistant. ATOMIX allows its users to create highly innovative video content for all social media platforms to earn hefty money over time.


AiVideoSuite Overview-
AiVideoSuite Overview-

Conclusion: My Opinion on AiVideoSuite

As of now, AiVideoSuite is one of the best video suites in the market, and you can enjoy using it with the one and only ChatGPT-4. Yes, it is powered by the best AI assistants to give you the most accurate results for all your demands. They are also offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can always opt out of it. It’s a must-try product if you are into video/content creation.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)-

1. What Is AiVideoSuite?

It is a ChatGPT-4 powered AI-based video creator, which can give you videos, and scripts for your content or convert videos from your script and so on. Overall, it is one of the best video suites to have.

2. Does AiVideoSuite charge any extra maintenance fees?

No, as of now there are no extra charges other than the package.

3. What if someone is not happy with AiVideoSuite?

Well, you can always opt out of the package. AiVideoSuite offers all of its customers a 30-day money-back guarant4. ee.

4. Are There Any Video Tutorials to Refer?

Yes, once you purchase their package you get access to all the video tutorials. They have tutorials for almost every query.

5. Do they provide any support?

As of now, they operate their consumer support through e-mail6.s.

6. Is AiVideoSuite newbie-friendly?

Yes, it is completely easy to use. But, if you expect to get the best results there could be a learning curve for you.

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