AISocials Review: Social Media Content on Automation or ???

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AISocials Review

Social media platforms have never been this important or relevant to business, and it has changed how big players as large-scale companies see and use them. This takes us to managing their social media handles throughout the platforms.

Be it Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter/X, Facebook, or LinkedIn, many multinational companies hire people or companies to handle the accounts.

This is where AISocials comes in as a replacement for the appointed human minds and social media management agencies. Hence, read ahead to find out more about AISocials and how it functions. Now, Let’s Start with a Quick Overview of the Product. It will give you a quick tour of our Review Journey.

AIsocials Review: Overview

Now Let’s Start with a Quick Overview of the Product. It will give you a quick tour of our Review Journey.

CREATORAbhi Dwivedi & Ben Murray
LAUNCH DATE & TIME2021-09-12 @ 11 AM (EST)
PRICE$ 27 (Starting)
REFUND POLICY30 days money-back guarantee
SUPPORTEffective Response
NICHEManagement & Content Creation
SKILLAll Levels (Anyone can use It)
CriticEye’s AdviceRecommended

What is AIsocials

Imagine having a team of 5 people working for your brand day and night without taking a break and creating content for your brand’s social media handles on all the platforms. This is what AISocials does for businesses with their social media handles online. 

AISocials uses one of the most diversified AI assistants in the market to take control of the social media handles for a brand on several platforms. Simply put, AISocials manages and creates attractive content for the social media handles to grow the business over time. All you have to do is enter the accurate keywords, and it can do the rest of it. 

Whether creating a reel for your Instagram handle or writing a snippet for your X account, everything can be done by AISocials. These days, brands/businesses being on social media is as essential as having lunch or dinner at the proper time.

It can help you grow your business overnight and could also take time. But, with appropriate management and strategies, one can quickly increase the business through social media platforms.

AIsocials Review: Creators—

Abhi Dwivedi and Ben Murray have come together to create one of the best solutions for social media entrepreneurs and businesses online willing to expand their social media presence. Both are online marketers and have been in the industry for a long time.

Some of its featured work of Ben include Fork, Rewardsly, and many more tools that have been changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of people over the globe. When it comes to Abhi, he is a reputed and talented vendor on the JvZoo platform and has been involved in many evolutionary developments through AI. Hence, buckle up for the AISocials review because these fantastic founders and developers offer this life-changing product.

Features and Benefits : AIsocials Review

Create Social Campaigns

Enter appropriate keywords from the social handles, and it will create attractive video/animated campaigns to generate leads through your social accounts throughout the platforms.

Posts Creation Wizard

Just look for a viral keyword and enter it. AISocials will create high-quality posts for your account and attract many users.

Video Creation Wizard

With information from all over the web, AI assistants know what humans are watching more and what they are attracted to more. This way, once you enter the keyword for a video, it can generate reels for Instagram, TikTok videos, and YouTube content.

Edit and Create Content With Canva

As of now, Canva is integrated with AISocials, and it can benefit a lot of users. The drag-and-drop feature lets you create viral content within minutes; you can get viral content quickly and boost your social media handles.

Automation Of Posting Content

It automatically will schedule and post content as per your arrangements. It can target a suitable audience base and give you optimal results over time by posting automatically when required.

Create Images Using Midjourney

Midjourney is one of the best AI image generators on the web, and it is integrated with AISocials, so you can create unique images out of it just by entering keywords.

AI Ads Tech

Ads either attract or repel users on social media platforms. However, AISocials has cracked it, and these AI assistant knows how to show and when to show Ads to the users to get the best results possible.

Human-like Voiceover

Generate AI voice overs for your videos to give them more life using human-like voiceovers by AISocials.

Have Your Agency With AISocials

You can have your own SMMA using AISocials and work with people wanting to enjoy the services AISocials offers. You can earn plenty of money out of it.

How does It Work: AIsocials Review

Step 1: Look for trending subjects

Enter a keyword, and AI Socials will look for popular subjects on Reddit, YouTube, Google, and many more platforms in your niche.

Step 2: Create Content 

Choose the kind of content you need, enter a keyword, and select the number of posts and videos you require. In no time, AI Socials will produce original posts and videos.

Step 3: Preview and customize 

Go through all the stuff that the AI assistant in AISocials generates. Drag-and-drop technology makes it simple to modify everything within a few minutes.

Step 4: Organize the content

Create content streams for each client, such as quotations, articles, or videos. Give a timeframe for each stream’s social media posts. This is for your SMMA.

Step 5: Sequential Posting 

Follow along as AI Socials can publish content as per your schedule, recycle older articles, and even update them based on what gets the best results for your business.

Step 6: Track Analytics

Log in at any time to view your monthly results and make plans for your company’s expansion. Keep track of all the numbers you and your business are doing through social media platforms.

Here is a Demo video of AISocials-


AIsocials Review: Who should try it?

AISocials has been developed for almost every social media user who tends to monetize their content and earn a living. AISocials can help a struggling content creator throughout the platform by boosting the quality and quantity of the content with the help of AI assistants by AISocials.

However, here is the most suitable audience to make use of AISocials:

  • Businesses, planning to grow their online presence.
  • Social media influencers, create quality and viral content to attract as many users.
  • Digital marketing agencies can equip AISocials to make their own SMMA.
  • Startups could use it to get recognition, one way or another, on the web.

These were some relevant audience bases for which AISocials is mainly designed and will benefit these people/organizations greatly.

Pricing and Upgrades :AIsocials Review

AISocials Starter $27 :

  • AI Social Media Campaigns
  • AI Social Agency Campaigns
  • AI Self-Schedule Technology
  • Content Stream Technology
  • Social Video Wizard
  • Social Post Wizard
  • Find Trends with AI
  • AI Article Maker
  • Training & Tutorials
  • Create 50 Videos / Month
  • Create 50 Posts / Month
  • Create 50 Articles / Month
  • Post 500 Times / Month Per Client
  • Integrate 4 Social Platforms Per Client

AISocials Elite $42 :

  • AI Social Media Campaigns
  • AI Social Agency Campaigns
  • AI Self-Schedule Technology
  • Content Stream Technology
  • Social Video Wizard
  • Social Post Wizard
  • Find Trends with AI
  • AI Article Maker
  • Training & Tutorials
  • AI Image Maker
  • AI Ads Technology
  • AI Viral Content Maker
  • Agency Content Calendar
  • AI Variations Technology
  • Client CRM Technology
  • Create 500 Videos / Month
  • Create 500 Memes / Month
  • Create 500 Quotes / Month
  • Create 500 Posts / Month
  • Create 500 Articles / Month
  • Post 5,000 Times / Month Per Client
  • Integrate 10 Social Platforms Per Client
  • Limited-Time Bonuses
  • Commercial Rights – Sell Individual Materials
  • Agency Rights – Run Campaigns for Clients

AISocials Bundle $317 :

(Prices might differ from time to time)

  • Access to AISocials Bundle
  • All Upgrades of AISocials Available
  • Tutorials & Knowledge-base
  • No Monthly Fees or Hidden Costs
  • Access to All Bonuses Available
  • Commercial Rights – Sell Individual Materials
  • Unlimited Agency Rights – Run Campaigns for Clients

Pros & Cons-


  • It saves an immense amount of time for the users.
  • Automates most of the essential things for a social media user.
  • It aims for a proper audience circle by creating apt content.
  • It operates entirely on the cloud; you can access it anywhere.
  • You can make money out of it by calling it your SMMA.
  • Integrated with highly reputed tools like Midjourney and Canva.
  • Quality experience for the users.
  • Stats are loud and clear in tabular form.
  • It goes on easily with the trend and helps you to get on with it as well
  • In-app training programs are included. 


  • There could be a learning curve for some users trying it for the first time.

AIsocials Review: Competition-

Having options in every sector benefits the consumer base. However, in this case, there needs to be more to talk about the competition because the way AISocials offers features for the clients is ridiculous. Anyways, here are a few of the relevant competitors:

Buffer: It is one of the recognized services. It only offers post scheduling, which the users have to schedule manually, and nothing is automated or offered except for scheduling the post for the future.

Hootsuite: It lets you manage all your social media accounts in one place and go through all of them simultaneously. However, these competitors have yet to offer content creation, a significant setback. 

Sprout Social: Unlike Buffer and Hootsuite, this service only shows analytics of the social media handles. 

As of now, AISocials is way ahead of all the competitors. It offers a lot when it comes to features when compared to others.

AIsocials Review: Testimonials-

Conclusion: My Opinion on AIsocials

In my opinion, it is a must-have service if you are one of the users struggling to make a presence on social media platforms because it can be as easy as a piece of cake with proper guidance from AISocials, or it can be as challenging as breaking a stone without appropriate advice and strategies. 

People tend to spend more time on social media platforms, and the time has never been this good to promote your business online through social media platforms. I’ve mentioned in this AISocials review how one can earn money and manage their social handles throughout the venues.

Vendor’s Bonuses-

Bonus #1- AI Chat Assistant with Agency Rights

Get an AI agent that will answer questions, sell products, and talk like a real person to your site visitors.

Bonus #2- Next-Gen. Video Reel Templates

These are modern video reel templates that get clicks and can be used for TikTok, Instagram, YTShorts, & more. Use for your own videos or sell to clients.

Bonus #3- AI Education Seminar with Whitelabel Rights

Get a 20-minute high-quality lecture about what AI really is that you can share with clients or learn from yourself. AI is going to take over everything, so this is KEY to success and winning clients.

Bonus #4- Insanely Big Instagram Marketing Kit for Agencies

Help local businesses get more clients with this gigantic DFY Instagram content & ads suite. Use this $997 bundle to advertise other any businesses’ products on Instagram quickly & easily.

Bonus #5- Agency Rights to SocialProof Elite

Increase your website conversion by 20x by displaying social proof notifications of events. Let visitors know other people are taking action with your business to increase conversions.

Bonus #6- Agency Rights to FB Bot Messenger

Build your FB autoresponder list with this incredible technology. Install on any site and send broadcasts to your Facebook messenger list.

Bonus #7- Agency Rights to Rapid LeadPage Builder 3

A slick rapid lead page builder to build out customized sites right from within the dashboard.

Bonus #8- High CTR YouTube Thumbnails

What good is your video if it doesn’t get clicked? Get ultra-high converting thumbnails for YouTube videos in a variety of popular niches.


Bonuses From Criticeye-

After Purchasing From Our Link, You Can Go To Our Bonuses Page and Select any 20 Products You Like. Send Us An Email with Purchase Details.

After Verification We will Send You Your High-Quality Bonuses from our Side.


How to Claim Bonuses?

To Claim Your Bonuses You have to Follow These STEPS


Buy From The Link Below or Any Link in This Article-


Then Email Me With your Name at [email protected]


After Verification, I Will Send You Your Bonuses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)-

  1. Is AISocials secure enough?

The team of AISocials prioritizes privacy and data protection first, which keeps all of the user’s data safe and secure for good.

  1. How to get on with AISocials?

Just visit their website and go on to purchase a plan and get going with your social media handles to make good money.

  1. Can AISocials create content for my multiple handles?

Yes, AISocials can handle multiple accounts simultaneously and create separate content per your keywords. You can command it to create different types of content, such as videos, images, campaigns, and whatnot.

  1. Meme creation is possible with AISocials?

Yes, you can create hilarious memes with the help of integrated tools such as Midjourney and Canva. You just have to be accurate with your keywords.

  1. Can I use voiceovers with AISocials?

Yes, you can use your voice as well as AI text-to-speech voice for voiceovers as well.

  1. Can I have my own SMMA using AISocials? 

Sure, you can have your own SMMA using AISocials and create content for them using AI assistant and sell it to them directly, too, or you can handle their accounts as an SMMA to make plenty of money.

  1. How Much Can I Charge as an Agency?

It entirely depends upon your thought process and way of making money. As per AISocials, you will be offering an army of SMMA personnel as AI assistants, and you can earn as much as you want. In addition, you can charge users for services like video creation, campaigns, and whatnot. People generally charge hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on their consumer base.

  1. Is There Detailed Training?

Yes, there is also customer support 24/7 for all the clients and a training program with the package you choose.

  1. I Already Have an AI App. How’s This Different?

AISocials is the only program to date that can generate your social media material, such as posts, videos, reels, memes, quotes, and more. Using only keywords is AiSocials. It includes a viral trends finder to help generate ideas for ‘AI variants technology, which generates many variations from a single topic. Additionally, it is the only one that uses intelligent AI scheduling to upload your content continuously. Other programs, such as Buffer, HootSuite, etc., require logging in wasting a lot of time rescheduling stuff repeatedly. 

  1. Is there a page with a better deal than this?

As of now, there are none and you can blindly go for AISocials.

  1. Where Do I Get the Clients as an Agency?

The AI can build full social campaigns for you and get clients for you because it has been built with agency knowledge. Create comprehensive, addictive social media campaigns and videos to attract customers of a specific category, such as customers for dog training, plumbers, dentists, real estate agents, etc. Additionally, I’ve been told that if you order today, you’ll get VIP live training that will lead you through finding your first client.

  1. What Kind of Marketing Materials Does it Create?

It generates AI tweets, pictures, and videos for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, reels, and other platforms. Additionally, AI can produce things like Medium articles, memes, quotes, images, and more.

  1. Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, there is a 14-day money-back guarantee. You will receive a complete refund if you test AISocials and cannot see any results using this AI marketing engine.

  1. How many clients can I have with this software?

Any number you desire! If you act quickly, you’ll be able to obtain an unrestricted commercial license that will let you run as many campaigns as you like, with unrestricted clients paying you per lead or a monthly cost.

  1. Does it work on Windows and Mac?

Yes, AISocials is entirely cloud-based, it can be used from anywhere in the globe on any system and device.

  1. Is there training and support available?

Yes, if you need it, AISocials can provide complete step-by-step training as well as on-the-spot assistance to ensure that you see results. 

  1. Will the app be updated regularly?

Yes, to maintain the technology and to operate it efficiently, it is updated quite frequently.

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