10 Simple steps to help you STOP OVERTHINKING everything

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We think to analyze and consider the aspects of something. As everything like atmospheric temperature and TV volume, We need in the limit; Same applies with the Thinking. Then we must know How to stop Overthinking everything.
When we overanalyze and think too much about something then this situation called OVERTHINKING or Analysis-paralysis.

7 symptoms indicate you have OVERTHINKING DISORDER -:

1. Lack of Presence in Time-: Presence at the moment is very important to stabilize our life. But when we overthink any topic or incident it causes our brain to stuck in that particular thing Like a wheel stuck in a pit.

2. Indecisiveness-: Every success and failure depends on a thing called Decision Making. But overthinking delays the process of decision making, And this severely affects the Action taking process

3. Delaying The Work -: The supporting pillar of any work to be done is taking action, But the cause of our indecisiveness we delay the work again and again

4. Poor Mental Health -: Our mind is a Tool. We must use it very cautiously. But as we use any tool too much for a too long time for no reason, It could cause poor mental health which can result in many things like bad Health, Relationship problems, insomnia, anxiety.

5. You are Not present emotionally -: Emotionless person can not bond with peoples. You have to available with emotions to bond with someone. Overthinking causes Relationships to fallen apart day by day.

6. Low Self-Esteem & Depression -: Emotion = Energy in Motion
You must have the motivation to do work or to live the life of your dream. It comes from Emotion. Cause of overthinking Your mind is always tired and unavailable, Which causes Low self-esteem and depression.

7. Social Phobia -: Also called Social Anxiety Disorder. With this disorder, you fear to talk to anyone, stop going outside, stop making friends

10 Easy Steps to STOP Overthinking

1. Recognize Your thoughts and Mood -: measurement of anything can easily be solvable.
HOW TO -: There are many apps in the app market to record your mood and thoughts. Just use them and Recognize Your thought processing and behavior
Then evaluate which thoughts and situation caused you this situation

Recognize Your thoughts and Mood

2. Shut off The Thought -: Yes you heard it right. Shut off the thought process entirely By interrupting the thought process.
How TO -: To do so first You have to know when you are overthinking.& pick a curse word from another language your family unaware of.
Ten whenever you realize you’re overthinking Just Shout that curse word loudly. It will shut off the thought processing completely and Now You are out of the bad zone.

Shut off The Thought

3. Don’t worry what others think -: You heard this phrase again and again but yet can’t apply, You know why??
Because you are just giving yourself logic that you are lesser than others.
Well said by David Foster Wallace -: “You will become way less concerned with what other people think of you when you realize how seldom they do.”

Don't worry what others think

4. Don’t Let the Fear Drive you; You Drive the fear away -: Yes!! you know why We overthink mostly??
90-95% time when we overthink there is only one reason and that is FEAR.
Fear to fail, Fear to lose, Fear to what others think.
For this only one solution JUST KNOW YOUR FEAR AND THEN DEAL WITH IT. Most people don’t even know what they fear. Is it fear of exam, is it fear to ask someone for a date. And when you realize that the moment was gone. So just Identify what fear overthinks you and deal with it


5. Sludge Hammer of the Day -: Are You stuck to Make a Decision and thinking it over and over again. Here you have to take a Decision till the end of the Day, I don’t know whether you have to overthink or just research all-day, But you have to just decide and close the chapter till 11:59 pm of that date.
It’ll give you confidence that you just took a decision to move because You can change and get out of this pit.

make the decision

6. Stay present at the moment -: Stay present at the moment is a bit challenging for A Overthinker. But if you want to overcome this situation you have to do it
HOW TO -: To stay present at the moment you have to just learn to listen to others. Just listen to what someone wants to say. If your mind starts to analyze things just now, stop it by shouting the curse word {But in mind} we discussed earlier.

Stay present at the moment

7. Embrace Yourself & Recall your Achievements -: When your mind taunting you for something and you keep thinking in fear. Just remind your Brain that you achieved and you made progress. Standing up for yourself against your mind is a tough task to do but it is worthy
HOW TO -: To do so Jot down the things you achieved in your life which make you proud and give you chance to brag about in front of others.
Now, whenever you think you feel low Just watch that noted thing. You will feel empowered.

Love yourself

8. Find A Distraction -: You can shut down overthinking by involving yourself in activities you enjoy.

HOW TO -: 1. Find a hobby you love and work on it. Eg. starting a blog
2. Going to your favorite restaurant and eat your favorite food.
3. Shop yourself something from Amazon
4. Listen to songs that reminds you about your happy place.

Find your major

9 Meditation -: “No dude not meditation again” your mind just said it??
But it is effective I, myself tried the meditation. If you can’t do yourself you can join a class {online or offline} or take help of any app you want but you must do meditation. It calms your mind and stops you from overthinking.


10. Ask for Help -: Overthinking caused you much harm like anxiety, depression even can cause you DEATH.
If you ever feel too low or it is not working out. Just ASK FOR HELP. It shouldn’t be a therapist or any doctor {But it is most suggested}. You can ask for help from your family, Friend, or partner. Don’t hesitate to ASK FOR HELP.

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