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letting go of past
letting go past and move on quotes

Letting go never be easy. But it is the first step to starting your life over and make your life great again.
I myself the victim of holding grudges, and never forget what happened or what they did to us. Because I am human too. But one day It hit me that, what am I doing with holding my past, overthink about it. These grudges and sorrows only holding me back. I had tried many times, pushed myself again and again, but always end up can’t give up my past things.

Then I monitor myself to notice why I can’t let go of the past even I want to. Then Finally I realize it is lack of determination which comes from motivated mind. And that’s why I can’t let go and move on.

I am sure you can relate. We’re all struggling through this one together, in our own unique way right now. And keep making excuses for our lives and mistake we already done.

That’s why letting go and moving on is important. Which needs a motivated mind. And the quotes are golden words here to motivate us in our life.
There are many quotes If you search for them. But for starting and stay motivated we must have quality things to feed our mind.
Some quality starters are…..

1. Unfulfilled Expectations

1. Don’t Make expectations and If you did, then forget about it. because sometimes roots of past grudges fasten with the unfulfilled expectations.

-dean’s law.

2. You are Most Important

Don’t beat up yourself for the other person, No matter what happened or how much value of that person once has or had in your life. You are the most important person in your life.

-dean’s law.

3. Forgive yourself

Forgiving others is easy, But forgiving yourself never. Try to forgive your past bad decisions or deeds. That’s the first and most crucial step to let it go.

-dean’s law.

4. Don’t Listen to Others

If you torment yourself because hetero suggestions, Then you are the in the group of the biggest idiot, who don’t even know what value they have.

-dean’s law

5. Adapt the Change

Change is language of universe, adapt it or get extinct, that depends on you.

-dean’s law

6. F*ck the Rules

People make mistakes and then rules to hide them, after some time that rules become fetters. So F*ck the Rules.

-dean’s law

7. Love the failure

Don’t hate or discourage from your past failure, Actually they are practice of success.

-dean’s law

8. You are a Bully

If you are self-deprecating yourself, then you are a bully too, who humiliates a depressed soul.

-dean’s law

9. You are not a tree

If you don’t like where you are, move! You are not a tree.


10. Be powerful

Don’t stuck, move on, plant your roots, Be Powerful, Then you will be heard.

-dean’s law
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