11 Simple Ways To Earn Free Bitcoins

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Are you looking to receive some bitcoins for free?

Well, who wouldn’t? But If You are still confused about What Cryptocurrency is? Or How does it work, Then Read This Article.

Bitcoin has been the top-performing asset in the last ten years. Shattering shares and startup bonds, silver, and every other precious metal, commodity, or gold.

While purchasing Bitcoin (BTC) is an investment that is worth it in the long term, but there’s a limit to how much you can buy using your hard-earned cash.

There are other ways to assist you in increasing your Bitcoin possessions without having to buy them.

I’ve discovered a few of these myself. I’ve researched and picked Five easy methods to earn cryptocurrencieswithout any expertise, experience, or skills to assist you with the same.

You don’t need to become a cryptocurrency expert nor devote a lot of your hours to earn bitcoins at no cost.

The various ways to earn free Bitcoin that you can find here will cost you little or nothing to set up and require little effort to maintain.

Most likely, you will only require:

  • a computer
  • Internet access
  • a little enthusiasm

A small amount of Bitcoin might seem like nothing. If you think about its potential with this, it’s feasible to reap huge profits over the long run. But, it’s important to remember that earning just a small portion of Bitcoin (satoshis) in your spare time will not turn you into an instant cryptocurrency millionaire in the near future.

If you’re looking to earn Crypto without mining or investing, put on your apron, and let’s get going!

How to get Free Bitcoin with no experience

Below I have listed the best strategies to earn Bitcoin for everyone, everywhere around the globe, at any point. These tips will enable you to begin to accumulate Cryptocurrency (or stacking sats) and HODL to the moon.

1. Take Surveys to Earn Free Bitcoin

Responding to survey questions is a fast and straightforward method to earn Bitcoin online.

There is no need for any special experience or expertise to begin making money on Bitcoin. Furthermore, it can be done anywhere, at any time, on your timeline, and without bank accounts! The process is pretty straightforward and is suitable for novices.

I’ve been taking online surveys for quite a long time. Put aside 30 minutes to an hour each day to share your thoughts honestly, and you’ll be the money! It’s not like work at all.

Here’s the payment confirmation I received through Timebucks. 

How to start:

If you’re interested in answering brief questions and helping businesses with their product and services, I highly recommend joining Timebucks.

Timebucks is among the most popular survey platforms that will pay you Bitcoin to share your views and complete surveys.

Timebucks is accessible to every country. You can earn an extra $1 just by joining, no matter where you live.

When you log in to Timebucks, Once you log in, you’ll see a list of the surveys which are paid with a payout amount. Select the survey you are interested in, and you’ll earn a commission for every survey you take.

In addition to conducting questionnaires, Timebucks also rewards users for watching videos playing games, completing Captchas, following others on TikTok, installing apps for free, and much more.

Timebucks will pay you every Thursday. You’ll be able to get gratis Bitcoin directly into your personal Bitcoin bank account after you have reached the minimum threshold for payment of $10.

If you are a brand new user, you could earn 50 dollars of Bitcoin for the first day. In the following days, you will make anywhere between $10 and $20 worth of Bitcoin every day, based on the work and time you spend on the website.

Other legit survey websites to earn free Bitcoin:

  • Survey Time 
  • Bitcoin Reward 
  • Cointiply
  • FreeCash

2. Bitcoin cashback when You Shop Online

Have you ever heard that you can earn free Bitcoin when you shop on the internet?

Yes, you can, and I’ve already earned some Bitcoin cashback for myself. Here’s my first cashback award in Bitcoin!

Click this link so that we can make the equivalent of $10 Bitcoin.

Earning cash back through Bitcoin in your everyday shopping is a safe, innovative, and easy method to have Bitcoin without risk.

Lolli is a Chrome web browser plugin that lets to do precisely that and allows you to earn up to 30% on more than 1000 most popular brands across the internet without any effort!

Lolli will be on the quest to make bitcoin available to everyone by making it easy for anyone to earn and own it.

How does It work?

Earn bitcoins without having to change anything. Simply shop with the automatic-saving application activated.

  1. Then first, install Lolli, the Extension Lolli, on your Chrome browser.
  2. Shop on the internet, and Lolli will appear to inform you of the amount of Bitcoin you earn back.
  3. Purchase whatever you plan to purchase in normal.
  4. Instantly earn bitcoins when you pay.

3. Earn Bitcoin by opening a high-interest Cryptocurrency Account

How do you earn the interest you earn on Bitcoin (and perhaps another cryptocurrency) that you have?

Like traditional financial accounts such as savings accounts, you can save your country’s currency (USD EUR, USD, AUD) in bank accounts and earn the interest that you make on your deposits.

Crypto interest accounts permit the user to gain interest from their Bitcoin. It’s completely passive.

Banks worldwide are cutting interest rates to almost zero or have introduced adverse interest on saving accounts. It’s best to put your crypto into an interest account for the chance to earn as much as a 12 percent annual rate of interest.

How to start:

YouHodler is one of the most popular Bitcoin credit and loan platforms that lets you loan your Bitcoin and earn interest on it.

Instead of leaving your Bitcoin to sit on the wallet and not earning anything, put your money into a YouHodler Interest Account, and you receive weekly payments in cryptocurrency.

At present, YouHodler offers interest-earning accounts for the following cryptocurrency types:

  • USDT, USDC, PAX, TUSD, DAI, HUSD – at 12% APY;
  • PAXG – at 8.2% APY;
  • LINK– at 6.2% APY;
  • BTC – at 4.8% APY;
  • ETH, XRP, XLM – at 4.5% APY;
  • HT, BNB – at 3% APY.

To begin, create a free YouHodler account, follow the quick and straightforward KYC procedure, and then transfer your crypto funds to Your YouHodler account.

Don’t do anything and make 12percent interest per year.

What can I earn through a Bitcoin Credit account? 

What amount you earn using YouHodler is contingent upon the cryptocurrency you have deposited and the amount you want to loan.

For instance, if you invest the equivalent of $10,000 in stablecoins, such as USDC, into the YouHodler Savings Account, which offers an annual return of 12 and a year later, you could earn as much as $1200.

4. Earn Bitcoin by Referring a Friend (Affiliate Marketing)

Suppose you are a fan of the platforms mentioned above. Why not make it available to your friends and begin earning referral rewards?

Affiliate Marketing can be a well-known way to earn serious cash using a website, blog, or social media channels.

But, you don’t need to be a YouTuber, blogger, or publisher, or social media influencer to begin earning an income from affiliate marketing.

In addition, each business has its requirements to join and the structure for reward.

How does It work?

In the beginning, you’ll have to register for an affiliate account. You could start by looking through this listing of Bitcoin affiliate programs worth marketing. The programs are accessible to anyone around the world, and you can sign up as affiliated regardless of country of residence:

  • Cryptomint An Affiliate Marketing Automation Software that earns in Bitcoin
  • Bybit Anonymous cryptocurrency trading exchange
  • LocalBitcoins Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange
  • CashApp – Bitcoin mobile wallet
  • Trezor or Ledger Nano S Crypto Hardware account (best security)
  • TokenTax – Calculator for taxation software that uses cryptography

After that, you’ll need to finish your profile and then enter your Bitcoin address. This is where they’ll transfer your earnings when you’ve met the minimum payout requirements.

The company will provide you with an exclusive referral link. Please send this link out to the world, and send your customers directly to their site.

There are a variety of ways to advertise your affiliate link. You can include the link to your blog or website, ask your contacts to email to post it on forums and pin it on Pinterest or tweet it. Find a way to make it unique.

When someone clicks your hyperlink and makes a purchase, you’ll be paid an amount in bitcoin. It’s that easy.

Different firms offer different proportions of referral rewards.

For instance, CoinSwitch, a well-known instant crypto exchange to cryptocurrency, pays you $5 per client who purchases $100. The Binance, the top cryptocurrency exchange, allows you to earn as much as 40% each time your peers make a trade on the platform.

Timbucks provides 15 commissions on referral earnings. When you’re a famous blogger with a large following, you could earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month by simply sharing your referral link.

Read More About Cryptomint in this review

5. Utilizing Bitcoin earning websites

  • This earning site is among the most famous and long-running BTC faucets. You can get as much as 200 USD worth of free bitcoins each hour when you click the roll button. You can earn just a few Satoshi (the smallest amount of Bitcoin) for each roll, and you can roll each hour.
  • Cointiply: Cointiply is a Bitcoin rewards site that gives tasks that anyone can complete. For each job completed, you earn Bitcoin. This is a free site, and once you have registered, you will find numerous tests, surveys, and other tasks based on your age and geographical location.
  • CoinEarn: This website isn’t an actual Bitcoin faucet. However, you can earn as much as 167 USD from learning specific, expert-led solutions. It’s the simplest way to make cryptocurrency for free.
  • Blockreward app: This Bitcoin earning site allows you to get Bitcoin by shopping or playing games, testing new products, or sharing your opinion. This website also allows users to transfer cryptocurrency bonuses directly in your wallet. For each new user, you recommend that both you and the person who refers will be awarded the possibility of receiving up to $2 in free cryptocurrency for each referral.

6-Earn Bitcoin by learning (Binance):

Simple Ways To Earn Free Bitcoin Simple Ways To Earn Free BitcoinsSimple Ways To Earn Free Bitcoins

By studying about Bitcoin on websites such as Binance Academy, you can earn Bitcoin. This website provides a variety of crypto-related courses and videos. All you have to do is complete the activities or respond to the quiz questions. Your reward will be a small share of a particular cryptocurrency coin based on that. You must create an account on the Binance Academy webpage. One of the greatest websites that gives free cryptocurrency just for signing up is this one. Increase your understanding of blockchain, pass tests, and win free cryptocurrency.

7-Earn Bitcoin using a browser (Crypto Tab browser):

 5 Simple Ways To Earn Free Bitcoins

With the help of the special built-in mining algorithm of the CryptoTab Browser, you may earn free bitcoins while using the internet. Daily payouts are made without any commissions. With over 25 million users from more than 220 countries, Crypto Browser is a reliable website. To ensure you don’t lose out on functionality when switching from major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and others, they offer 200K configurable extensions.

8-Earn Bitcoin by watching videos (

5 Simple Ways To Earn Free Bitcoins

The internet money-making website with the quickest growth is called Users have already received almost $14,000,000 by performing chores, signing up, playing games, and answering surveys. If you make money, there are several ways to get it quickly: PayPal, bank transfers, gift cards, Bitcoin a few other cryptocurrencies, and many more.

9-Earn bitcoin to watch ads (Cointiply):

Simple Ways To Earn Free Bitcoins

Cointiply is a website that pays users with bitcoins in exchange for performing simple, doable activities. The website is reputable and is utilized by over 2.7 million people. The following actions can earn you bitcoins: Fill up surveys and offers,

  • When seeing videos,
  • Play games to win money.
  • Look at PTC advertisements
  • Invite additional users.
  • Patriciate in faucets for bitcoin

Every assignment you finish will earn you Bitcoin. There are no registration fees and this website is free to use.

You can increase your income and receive interest on your points balance of 5%. Your profits can be withdrawn in LTC, DASH, DODGE, or BTC. There aren’t any costs associated with withdrawals.

9-Earn bitcoin by completing surveys (Freebitcoin):

5 Simple Ways To Earn Free Bitcoins

Freebitcoin is a genuine website that offers free Bitcoins and has paid out around nine Bitcoins. You can make money by taking part in

OfferWal, the lottery, faucet gaming, referral content, surveys, and much more.

Before obtaining a payout, ten tap claims must be completed.

10-Free Bitcoin by playing games (Satoshi Hero):

5 Simple Ways To Earn Free Bitcoins

With Satoshi Hero, you may earn Bitcoin by taking part in many genres of games. There is an abundance of games to choose from, so you’re sure to find something you enjoy playing. You simultaneously win Bitcoins while playing. If you use a VPN, they can tell, and offerwall functionality will be restricted. Additional evidence that this website is genuine and just seeks to provide genuine value to its sponsors, who compensate visitors like you.

11-Earn using Bitcoin faucets (BTC Bux):

5 Simple Ways To Earn Free Bitcoins

Another well-known website is where you can make Bitcoin by doing things like seeing ads and making short links, offerwalls, and faucets. Payments are processed right away.


This is it—the list of five easy ways to earn free Bitcoin online.

Even if you have no idea about Bitcoin,

Even if there isn’t money or time,

Even if you don’t have prior experience, skills, or expertise,

It is possible to discover some simple methods to make bitcoins that will benefit you.

Who doesn’t love free Bitcoin?

Whatever number of Bitcoin you have, it’s always a shortage. It’s now time to make an alternative stream by following the simple steps described in the article.

What’s your most favorite method to earn bitcoin online? Comment below.

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