Top 10 Tips To Grow Your Instagram Account in 2021

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Grow Your Instagram Account in 2021

If Instagram is one of your latest trends to follow, then you probably want to know more about How You Can Grow on Instagram. This is something that you need to know before you start using it for your business. After all, there are many things that you need to do so that you can achieve success in it. The things that you need are some of the following:

1. Know who your Instagram followers are and how to reach them-

For sure, these are the people who will be your potential future customers, especially when they found about your account through friends. With this, you must have an easier way of reaching them by giving out freebies, specials, and incentives to your followers.

2. Have a good Instagram account layout-

This is very important because this is how your followers can get to view your account. This means that you have to choose an account layout that allows your account visitors to see everything you have to say or show. Of course, having a practical structure will also attract more people to your account. You can check on this from the Instagram Marketing Plan.

3. Be active and update your account regularly-

As said earlier, Instagram is a social platform, so your focus should be on engaging with your fans. By doing this, you will be able to drive traffic to your website. The accounts that have the most number of followers are those that are active in their marketing efforts.

4. Make use of the Facebook Connect and Google+ Local Business features-

Yes, these two features are already used by almost everyone nowadays. It is because it enables you to connect with your target market online as well as offline. Through this, you can be able to expand your marketing realm even further. After all, creating awareness on social media platforms is a big thing. To this effect, you need to make use of Facebook Connect and Google+ Local Business accounts.

5. Have an Instagram account for your business-

There are many reasons why you should have your account. For one, this could help you gain more followers and have a more active marketing strategy. But if you want something more than just an Instagram account for Instagram, you might want to consider getting a Google+ Local account instead. Since Instagram and Google+ Local are both social platforms, it would be best to combine the two.

6. Know how to use the plugins that you can avail of for your account-

 In using these plugins, you will be able to access essential functions and features that are available. This will help you promote your page as well as your Instagram account more efficiently.

7. Keep it simple and straightforward-

Instagram is just like a blog. That is, it is very easy to get lost in its very structure. This is why you should make it more user-friendly so that people will find it easier to navigate and have a clearer idea of how to use it. This is also an excellent opportunity for you to let people know about what you have to offer. Just make sure that everything you say on your page or your Instagram posts is clear, simple, and helpful.

8. Be careful of what you are promoting and how you are marketing it on your account-

Some people make the mistake of using too many links or images on their accounts. These could easily lead people to spammer websites and thus, be banned. Instagram is a fast-growing media platform, and you cannot afford to have any unnecessary distractions on your page. Just stay focused on your goals and objectives.

9. Be patient with your Instagram account-

Do not expect overnight results from your account. Treat it like you would your other business accounts. Give it time to grow.

10. Do not forget about your followers-

If you are only promoting your Instagram account, you will not get the attention and respect that it deserves. It would help if you wooed them first to get inspired to visit your page and get yourself noticed. You can do this by following their comments, following them up on your Twitter account, and connecting with them on other social networking sites like Facebook.


Growing Instagram is a Process Like any other Business. It takes patience, Perseverance, and most importantly How much value you can provide to your Followers.

So try different strategies, apply them, and Test according to your Niche. In order to do that you will need some tools to make your work easier.

I wrote this article about some secret apps that I found and made my Instagram account management easier.

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