10 Steps that will Guarantee to make you wealthy within 5 years or less.

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how to be wealthy in 5 years
How to be wealthy

Everyone wants to be rich in their life and get fantasize with their dream to be wealthy someday.

But as business tycoon Robert Kiyosaki says,

“The rich have lots of money, but the wealthy don’t worry about money.”

Robert Toru Kiyosaki

& that is absolutely correct, being rich and wealthy are two different things.
Having a lot of money in your bank account will make you rich but never Wealthy.

Wealth is different for everyone.

Yes being rich is the primary criteria for being wealthy, But what beside that, What is it that make you wealthy? Is it doing world tour with your family?, Is it purchasing a yacht or is it buying your dream car. Remember you are working for being wealthy. Because-

Money is a tool, not a goal.

Then if you are targeting money then you will be rich, but not wealthy.

So make sure what is wealthy for you. Because money will only make you rich.
Whatever your goal is, understanding why you need money will help you find wealth that relates to you.

Steps To Become Wealthy within 5 years-

Let me clear something, If you want to be rich then believe it or not you can be rich within 1 or 2 years, But if you want to be wealthy then it takes time and practice.

1. Start Quick-

I read many articles and books on earnings and how to be rich but there were one chapter always missing and that was to start. Because starting something is most crucial in any new thing, whether you don’t have any knowledge about that rich life or you did something horrible in the past, So you don’t know How to start over?, Or if you are overthinking about your starting.

A large percentage of people don’t even start. They only read, get motivated and forget. They never want to get out of their comfort zone and keep procrastinate things because they have excuse to every thing.

And after sometime when their eyes open, then either they
Deteriorate their work because they are in hurry or if they do it properly then it takes time, till then they get old and sick and never enjoy what they created.

In Summary-
You must start, start early & pace it up because you make money to live your dreams, Not to buy a Ferrari in your 80s.

2. Learn Faster-

There is ‘EARN’ in the letter LEARN. If you want to earn more you have to learn more. The more you learn the more you will have knowledge and in a better way you can execute your knowledge.

In this article I had talked about Learning and How you can learn 10X faster-

Check this out-

Why Learning is the foundation of success & How To Learn 10X faster?

In Summary-
Learning is key to success, So start learning things

3. Learn to make ‘Goals and Reward’ system

Everyone talks about How you should make a goal and stick to that till the end, But no one will ever tell you How the goals work.

This is called Rewarding after achieving a goal-

 By rewarding yourself at the moment, your brain elicits positive emotions, leading to the realization that your efforts result in a positive reward. By doing this continuously, your brain will start to link pleasure to accomplishing the task or objective and move towards it in the future.

Same, you should penalize yourself when you procrastinate or wasting your time or not doing your work.

Because you need motivation to get going and

When there are no consequences for poor work and no rewards for good ethic work then there is no motivation.


In Summary-
Make rewards when you do any work properly and penalize with something when you couldn’t.

4. Become Financially literate-

Schools and colleges teach you about, How to be a good slave.

-dean’s law

Schools and colleges teaches us many things, but they never teach us about finances, yes there are MBA colleges but think mostly go there only to get bigger packages from company.

In his book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, Robert Kiyosaki talks about this Financial literacy. He said

– “If you want to become a wealthy millionaire and stay that way, understanding money is essential.”

That’s why so many rappers, singers and sports stars can make millions and still end up broke.
They dedicated their lives to mastering their craft. But, they never learned money.

So what should you learn –

  • You should learn about How money works.
  • How to read Profit and losses.
  • The rules of taxes.
  • How interest rates work.
  • How Trading and stock market works.
  • Take control of your finances

And I am not saying learn at once. This will only make you procrastinate of half knowledge about things.

So, How to learn about money?

Take Courses-

Yes there are many courses online which teaches you about How money works, How should you trade, How to learn accounting, How to have entrepreneur mindset, etc.

Read Books-

Reading is the most important thing to learn about anything, I don’t know why most people stop reading books. Yes watching videos make you learn anything memorable but everything can not be taught by videos.

So start learning-

Some books you must read-

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad -by Robert Kiyosaki
  • Think and grow rich -by Napoleon Hill
  • How Rich People Think -by Steve Siebold
  • Think & grow Rich -by Franklin Roosevelt
  • The Millionaire Fast lane -by MJ DeMarco

In Summary-
Know, How money works.

5. Find A Worthy Mentor-

In Sanskrit language there is old saying ”

गुरुर्ब्रह्मा ग्रुरुर्विष्णुः गुरुर्देवो महेश्वरः । गुरुः साक्षात् परं ब्रह्म तस्मै श्री गुरवे नमः ॥ 


Which means Teacher means GURU is most respectable in your life.

And I am not talking about your mathematics teacher who is in love with your English teacher. Yes he is your teacher in that subject and respectable. But-

Here by Guru, I meant your Mentor, Who is your ideal and inspiration. Like whom you want to be.
A mentor is someone who understands what you’re going through. They will understand your ambition, and they can inspire you. Because they already gone through that, and they know how to deal with that situation.

They can be your friends or anyone but the condition is they must be achieved something in that area & In your case they must be good with money and at least a millionaire.

How to find a Mentor-

Finding a mentor is not easy but it is worth of your time. Because He would know what is it that you are going through, and they won’t let your motivation down. & this is I think most important in a journey, When you don’t even know the path, & a mentor works like a Torchlight in that rage dark.

So How to find a mentor?

Write a list of people you think

  1. Qualify for the position
  2. Someone you respect
  3. & Worthy

Remember, a mentor doesn’t have to be such a formal position. Instead of meeting in person, you could arrange a phone call, Skype call or even send an email.

Maybe you only need to ask one question. Get straight to the point. Your mentor will respect you for not wasting their time.

In Summary-
Make a Guru or Mentor to guide you in the way.

6. Save to invest, Don’t save to save-

Almost everyone saves money either in their Bank account or fix deposits. Money will accumulate. But for what?

To see how much you can collect before you die.

Everyone do that, Most of us dothat because-

  1. They don’t have knowledge, How to invest.
  2. They fear to invest.

So overcome of these things and invest in the market, & put your money to work for you. & you don’t need millions to invest, there are many ways to invest with just small amount

As Robert Kiyosaki wrote- “Rich people don’t work for money, Money works for them”

& with investing I meant time too. So Check this out & learn How to invest your time-


In Summary-
Learn save to invest Don’t save to pile up the money.

7. Build Multiple sources of income-

Do you know Why people get rich?

Because they have multiple sources of incomes. They don’t depend on only monthly or weekly wages, They have multiple proper streams of incomes.

Think this way-

what is more stable one legged stool or Four legged stool?

Of course stool with 4 legs have more support, If you cut off 1 leg then maybe it would be unbalanced but not collapsed.

Although in one legged stool if you cut off it’s only leg then it will collapse.

And here I am talking about making a Parthenon. A multiple column for your money streams.

I am not saying that would be easy, But if you want to be wealthy then you have to do it. It would take time. But in 5 years it will be much to make you wealthy.

How to create multiple sources of income?

There are multiple ways to make passive income. But you have to learn, take courses, stick to it. then you can make a difference.

To make money online Check out these articles

How to Earn Money Online For Beginners in 2020

In Summary-
Build many passive income sources (PARTHENON)

8. Believe in the process and Yourself-

To do anything you must believe yourself. If you keep questioning yourself then you can’t do that work properly.

This is most likely the most crucial tip on the list.

Most people will never become rich or wealthy because they don’t believe it’s possible.

If you want to become wealthy in 5 years, you NEED to believe that you can.

People will laugh at you and call you crazy. That’s why self-belief is vital.

“Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do.”

– Steve Jobs

In Summary-
Believe in subconscious and have faith on something (it could be God, or something most powerful)

9. Change your Network with Positive & Wealthier ones-

You see, If your group of friends doesn’t know how to make money or how businesses work and if you talk about businesses then you feel left out. Then it is time to change your group immediately. Because surroundings matter the most when you are doing big work.
Or you can work alone but if you don’t like to be alone then it will be better to find friends like your mentality, Who has big goals like to be wealthy within 5 years.

& I am not saying to go to schools or colleges again and search for new friends,then

How to Network?

Finding the right wealthy people to network with is the hard part. Here are a few strategies you can use:

  • Join networking groups & clubs
  • Reach out to people via LinkedIn
  • Go to charity events (wealthy people are usually quite generous)
  • Hang out at popular spots; such as hotel lobbies & golf courses.

It’s not what you know; it’s who you know.

If you want to become wealthy in 5 years, the truth is, you’ll need both.

In Summary-
Make a wealthy and worthy network which can support you and you can support them. STAY AWAY FROM NAYSAYERS.

10 Take care of yourself-

Why are you all this? To spend and live your dreams. But if you will keep working and never watch for your health or you get sick or became a boring person then what is the point of making all this money

So take care of your physical & mental health properly

To do so, You can do-

  • Yoga
  • Meditation daily
  • Eat a balanced and healthy diet
  • Get a regular Health checkups.

In Summary-
Last but not the least- Take care of your health. It is most important.

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