The Ultimate Guide to Adding an Amazon Affiliate Link to Pinterest

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Adding an Amazon Affiliate Link to Pinterest
Adding an Amazon Affiliate Link to Pinterest

More than a year has passed since Pinterest updated its platform to enable you to use your Amazon Affiliate links on your pins, particularly on your Idea pins, which are not traditionally linked to. Adding an Amazon Affiliate Link to Pinterest Although this upgrade was announced and has been operational for the past year, as of 2023 there have been no noteworthy updates to this feature, which was first introduced on October 30th, 2021.

Previously, you could not use your affiliate links on Pinterest in standard, static, video, or carousel pins, according to Amazon. If you utilized them, you would be removed from the program and your purchases would not be regarded as “qualifying purchases” because it was against their terms and conditions.

For inexperienced bloggers whose primary affiliate program was Amazon, this is a major source of trouble. Not any longer!

You can now utilize your affiliate links on ordinary pins with the appropriate notice. Include your affiliate disclaimer in the pin description, beginning it with “As an Amazon Affiliate I earn.”

Like Instagram, where anybody may now have the link sticker for stories, Pinterest’s latest modification lets users bypass previous instances of preference for well-established bloggers and marketers and make money as newbies.

To add your Amazon Affiliate link to your Pinterest Idea pins, follow these steps:

Adding an Amazon Affiliate Link to Pinterest

I had to experiment with adding your affiliate links on Pinterest before I could put this piece together; otherwise, I would have never realized how tedious it was to copy and paste a link that long.

Using Facebook Messenger to transmit my regular Amazon affiliate link to me is the simplest method I’ve found for acquiring product links. I then just copy and paste to add my affiliates when creating pins later.

If you’re connected to the Amazon account linked to your affiliate account on your phone’s Amazon app, you can also select to share a “associates link.”

This is a breakdown of how to link to Amazon affiliate products on Pinterest.

1: Create your idea pin:

Adding an Amazon Affiliate Link to Pinterest

To begin, create an idea pin in the same manner as before. At this time, the feature is limited to iPhone and Android devices; desktop versions are not supported. You can currently utilize up to 10 photos, however you can use any size image. Feel free to include whatever extras you desire, such as music or photo editing.

Adding an Amazon Affiliate Link to Pinterest

Choose the page or pages where your Amazon affiliate link should be added. Both many links to different pages and multiple links to a single page are possible. Each Idea pin may only have up to 20 links or products linked to it. I advise selecting a website where the product or products you wish to connect to are easily visible.

3: Search and add a product sticker:

Adding an Amazon Affiliate Link to Pinterest

You decorate your Idea pin with product stickers to include your Amazon affiliate links. This step involves linking your affiliate link and adding a product sticker to the page. Make sure to indicate that this is an affiliate link and refrain from using a link shortener or hiding your link.

4: Pick your product image:

Adding an Amazon Affiliate Link to Pinterest

Selecting your product image will be necessary after you’ve added your link. This is the picture that will show up when someone clicks on your link. Select the one that most closely resembles your pin image.

5: Finalize your sticker placement and publish your pin:

Adding an Amazon Affiliate Link to Pinterest

It’s time to decide where exactly to put your sticker on your Idea pin page. It can be moved to a more convenient location, ideally with the product it links to. Post your pin if you’re happy with the placement of your product sticker!

Even while this is just one method of making money on Pinterest, it’s a big step in the right direction for those who want to get compensated for their work without having to be well-known creators. Who knows, perhaps they’ll do something like YouTube and TikTok and give users access to a creator fund. Are you prepared to utilize Pinterest to its fullest? Become a member of our Pinterest Management Services now!

In conclusion, integrating Amazon affiliate links with Pinterest can be a powerful strategy to monetize your content and boost your affiliate marketing efforts. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you’ve learned how to seamlessly add Amazon affiliate links to your Pinterest content, tapping into the platform’s visual appeal and vast user base.

Remember to strike a balance between promotional content and user engagement, ensuring your pins provide value to your audience. Leverage Pinterest’s features to create visually appealing pins that drive traffic and increase the chances of earning commissions through the Amazon Affiliate Program.

As you navigate this dynamic intersection of Amazon and Pinterest, keep monitoring your performance, analyze the effectiveness of your affiliate links, and adapt your strategy accordingly. With diligence and creativity, you can turn your Pinterest presence into a valuable asset for generating income through the Amazon Affiliate Program. Happy pinning and earning!

  • How to use Pinterest to publish connections to Amazon affiliates
  • Using Amazon’s SiteStripe bar, locate the product on Amazon that you want to promote and copy its special link.
  • On Pinterest, select “Create Pin.”
  • Upload a picture or a video from your phone or computer.
  • In the designated website field, copy and paste your affiliate link.

You can add your affiliate links to emails you send to friends and family or include them in your email signature. Additionally, you can write blog articles or make videos reviewing the things you’re promoting, then include your affiliate link in the description of the piece.

  • Examples of ways you may reveal your affiliate link on Pinterest are as follows:
  • #sponsored. #ad.
  • If you click the link and make a purchase, I might get paid.
  • There are affiliate links in this post.
  • [Company name] is the sponsor of this article.

You can create an affiliate link and suggest products on your dashboard once you’ve registered for the Amazon Associates program. Using a website like Canva, you must produce material, such as an image, and then publish it to Pinterest along with your affiliate link to promote the link.

Is Pinterest compatible with Amazon?

It is possible to pin links to Amazon affiliates on Pinterest. To make sure you are according to their requirements, there are a few things you must do first.

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